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"Ancient World" is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. Similar to Dragon World, it is themed mainly around dragons, but they are Deity-like and/or organic in appearance. The card frame resembles a stone wall with several cracks to resemble it being very old. THIS PAGE CONTAINS FAN MADE CARDS MADE BY FANS OF THE WORLD! THESE ARE NOT REAL CARDS!


Ancient World is mainly focused on controlling very powerful Size 3 monsters, they have many monsters that activate their effects by discarding themselves when the player controls a Size 3 monsters in order to support them and make them hard to defeat and use several skills that pay life to increase the player's resources. Most monsters in Ancient World have the Lifelink Keyword, which combined with their tendency to only control 1 specific monster through the whole game while the rest of the deck supports it represents the player's link with the monster itself, and in some cases if the monster would be defeated it instead evolves into a more powerful form.

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