Aqua World is a fictional world from the fanfic "Buddyfight: High-Stakes". It is the signature world of Hideki Iwagasaki. Aqua World's strategy involves using counters, misdirection, and crippling abilities in order to frustrate and out-maneuver the opponent.


Aqua World is the "Annoying Deck". Gauge is typically used to maintain card effects rather than calling larger monsters. A counter-heavy strategy, Aqua World tends to trigger effects that cause opponents to waste attacks, hold monsters in place, and generally be hard to deal with.


Nereids represent humanoid sea monsters such as mermaids, sirens and sprites. While they have lower stats (using the Magic World stat spread) they have a large number of support effects. For example, the card Siren's Song allows the player to either redirect an attack to a Nereid monster or even cause another monster to join in, forcing the opponent to waste attacks. Aqua World also has an emergency Soulguard effect in the form of Watter Doppelganger, which can be played as a Counter. Nereids also have an archetype surrounding the "Royal" subtype, which contains members of the royal family such as Aquatic Princess, Marie; They sport powerful cards such as Royal Summons which pulls a Royal from the deck to the hand.

Ocean Dragons

Ocean Dragons represent the non-human monsters of the sea: Sea Serpents, Sharks, Leviathans, and coral. They have higher stats (akin to Dragon World) but fewer of the amazing support cards available to Nereids. One of the most powerful Ocean Dragons, Ocean Kaiser Leviathan, returns all other monsters on the field to their owner's hands. Due to their enhanced abilities and higher stats, it is often recommended that Ocean Dragons and Nerieds are splashed together.

Notable Members

Aquatic Princess, Marie

List of Aqua World cards





  • Aquatic Punisher!!!


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Size 1

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