If you ask me, I would answer I don't think so.

—To Scythe.

Artificial Angel, Virginie Casta is the buddy monster of Akeboshi Sei'ei. Like how Kai nicknamed his buddy "Scythe", Sei'ei nicknamed Virginie Casta "Virgos" (ヴィルゴス, Virugosu). After Sei'ei received "Radiant Punisher", Virgos evolves into "Future Starlight, Virgini Casta".



Virgos, is calm, collected and kind. But she is cold and seirous at the same time. She speaks politely, using "です" (desu), "ます" (masu) or "(くだ)さい" (kudasai) at all times, depending on her part of speech. Like all buddies, they hold a strong bond, and is caring for each other.

She shows no joy, reluctance nor regret in obeying Sei'ei's order in buddyfight.

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