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"Azure" (紺碧 Konpeki) is a series of <<Adventurer>>/<<Dungeon Enemy>> with "Azure" in its card name, currently unique to Dungeon World. Azure contains pirates, considering themselves as part of <<Dungeon Enemy>>.


<<Knights>> in Dungeon World use their playstyle when equipping two items. But for "Azure" cards, they have the same playstyle yet different effect.

Weapons are named "Azure Arms". They contain 5 type of weapons; Sword, Gun, Spear, Axe, and Club. They give little support but at the end of the turn, they're sent back to the deck.

Monsters known as "Azure Pirate" also have playstyle of link attacks. However, they focus on the names of the weapon you equipped.

  • Size 1 or less monsters focus on one item's name.
  • Size 2 or higher monsters focus by activating following effects depending of what weapon you equipped.

List of "Azure" cards




Grade 1

Grade 2


  • All the Azure Pirates' names are based on the names of the French Rivers.