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A mechanical Tachyon Dragon who has gained artificial intelligence. He has judged humanity to be insufficient, and as such, has planned their destruction.

—Shining War Dragon, Barbatos's flavor

"Barbatos" (バルタトス Barubatosu) is an archetype of monsters with Barbatos in their card names, exclusive to Danger World and Star Dragon World.


Barbatos focuses on disrupting your opponent's hand setup by discard monster cards from their hands, in order to make your opponent drop monsters from their hand with the same size.
The Danger World variant focuses on multi-attacking, by using Monarch and your monsters to use the soul of Barbatos as a cost to call themselves to keep the pressure when draining your opponent's hand, field and life.
The Star Dragon World variant focuses on defense, bolstering up the sou of your Barbatos so when they do call monsters, they can be destroyed without giving your opponent a chance of fighting back as you keep dropping their big monsters.

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