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Battle World is one of the fanon worlds in Future Card Buddyfight made by SOULARCHER20, and the protagonist deck of Future Card Buddyfight: Dystopian Duels, themed about discarded materials and heavily armoured monsters. Battle World's card frame resembles several metallic plates and gears.


In an alternate future, Battle World was once known as Earth, until an event known as The Great Cataclysm accidentally wiped out most of the planet's population and even spread to the parallel worlds. But an unknown power activated by the event immediately turned Earth into Battle World, creating new worlds and inhabitants in the process. Now, Battle World has become a hunting ground for the survivors, who seek the power of these new cards.


Battle World has a mix between offensive and defensive capabilities, with cards that can "clean messes or create them". The world's generic playstyle is to utilise monsters which possess powerful stats and a well-organised deck and drop zone to ensure the player has enough resources to pressure the opponent, while maintaining enough cards to defend themselves.

Reingarbage focus on the cleaning side of the world. Their primary focus is to thin out the deck and return cards to the deck in the order the player wishes. This allows a powerful deck to be built mid-game in order to adapt to any technique the opponent may use. The attribute has a good synergy with the Build Dragons, who focus on making sure the player has a good hand.

Warknights are the primarily offensive part of the world. They have monsters with higher than average stats to overpower the opponent while also reducing the opponent's life using burn effects. They are supported by the weaker Warknights, which boost the stats of the stronger Warknights at the cost of not attacking themselves. The Warknight's primary defence tactic is to restrict the opponent into attacking with only 1 card, supported by the keyword Brawl, which inflicts damage to the opponent for every card that did not attack that turn.

Associated Characters

  • Pietar Rodo
  • Genta Raizou
  • Don Pedro

List of Sets Containing Battle World Cards

  • DD Trial Deck 1: Junkyard Justice
  • DD Booster Set 1: Burst of the Slayers
  • Promo Cards

List of Battle World Cards