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"Sorrow and Regret, that brought us back to life" -Black Dragon Knight, Iblis' flavour text
"Black Knight" ((くろ)()() Kurokishi) is an attribute currently unique to Darkness Dragon World.


The playstyle of the early Black Knights was mainly to support the larger 《Deep》 attribute, primarily through manipulation of the Penetrate ability. As of H Booster Set 4: Mikado Evolution, the attribute gained specific support, and shifted to a deck that uses the buddy mechanic to make several members more powerful when treated as your buddy. To assist the execution of this playstyle, support cards exist allowing multiple Black Knights to be treated as a buddy at once. As of KR Extra Booster 1: Black Resentment, the attribute has shifted to now gain effects off the player having an item.

List of Sets containing Black Knight cards

  • Booster Set 5: Break to the Future
  • H Extra Booster 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders
  • H Booster Set 4: Mikado Evolution
  • KR Extra Booster 1: Black Resentment

List of Black Knight cards




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