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Blaze Lion – Soulburner “Victory”
English Blaze Lion – Soulburner “Victory”
World Danger World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 2 / 1000
Attribute Soul Gladiators
Author SeveraZero
[Call Cost] [Pay 6 gauge]
[Counter]Act】 During your attack phase, you may pay 2 gauge and put the top card of your deck into this card’s soul. If you do, Call this card without paying the [Call Cost].
When this card attacks and it is the fifth battle of this turn or more, Choose a 《Soul Gladiators》 monster in your drop zone. If you do, for this battle, this card gains the power, defense, and critical equal to the chosen 《Soul Gladiators》 and deal damage equal to the chosen monsters critical. You may only use this ability once per turn.
[Double Attack] [Soulguard]