Blessing Church World Has 2 Main Attributes.

Blessing Priest's and Miracle Priestess's.

Blessing Priest's use prayers to gain you resources.

Miracle Priestess's use prayers to boost stats.


Blessing Church World Flag

Miracle Priestess's Size 1s

Graceful Commander Of Salvation Miracle Priestess, June

Healing Prayer Miracle Priestess, Endless Spirit Me

Miracle Priestess, Amanda

Miracle Priestess, Faith

Miracle Priestess, Flora

Miracle Priestess, Generous

Miracle Priestess, Guardian Kim

Miracle Priestess, Hope

Support Of Salvation Ankh Wielding Miracle Priestess, Rhonda

Miracle Priestess's Size 2s

Miracle Priestess, Blossom

Miracle Priestess, Diana

Miracle Priestess, Hilda

Miracle Priestess, Holy Annabella

Miracle Priestess, Holy Souled

Miracle Priestess, Maya

Miracle Priestess's Size 3s

Miracle Priestess, Glowheart

Miracle Priestess, Heaven Layla

Pure Light Soul Miracle Priestess, Salvation Soaring Sky

Miracle Priestess's Size 0s

Miracle Priestess, Karen

Miracle Priestess, Serena

Miracle Priestess, Divine Violet


Blessing Star

Blossom Star

Fear Breaking Sword, Salvationa

Glowing Star

Golden Star

Heaven Star

Holy Star

Light Star

Miracle Star

Salvation Star

Vibrant Star


Activate! Damage Miracle

Activate! Defense Blessing

Activate! Negate Wish

Blessings Aura

Blessing Of Healing

Blessing Church, Prayers Of Charging

Cathedral of remembrance

Gem of wisdom

I believe in light

I lit the darkness

Mighty Defense Miracle

Miracle Of Drawing

Miracle Priestess Rise

Opera of thousand angels

Prayer For Safety

Prayer Of Energy

Prayers Of Both Gauge And Life

Realm of light

Realm of soul

Sapphire of salvation

Unwritten Future

Wave Blessing

Wish For A Counter Attack

Wish For Another Try

Wish For A Nullify


Elixir Of Blessings "TRUE FUTURE

Holy Blessing Blast

Miracle of heaven art

Miracles of shining gauge

Sea of lux

Shining Prayers, Blessings Of Pure Salvation

Blessing Priest's Size 1s

Blessing Priest, Angel Winged Matthew

Blessing Priest, Galaxy Prophet

Blessing Priest, Maxwell

Blessing Priest, Shining Crescent

Blessing Priest's Size 2s

Blessing Priest, Virtue Lonnie

Blessing Priest, Matthew

Blessing Priest, Paul

Blessing Priest, Solar Salvation

Blessing Priest's Size 3s

Blessing Priest, Light Star

Blessing Priest. Nathan

Blessing Priest's Size 0s

Blessing Priest, Comet

Blessing Priest, Kyle

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