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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 2 September 2020

NX Chapter 18: A Buddyfight Mishap! Dan's Strange Visitor!

It was another busy day at the Buddyfight Club. After putting Katarina's suggestion that potential members must defeat two club members to join into effect, the club members no longer had to worry about suffering from burnout, and they actually started to find the game even more enjoyable than before.

"Illusion Ritual, Danzari Storm!" Dan called upon the power of his Impact card to defeat his opponent, one of many who was trying to qualify for membership in the Buddyfight Club.

"No way!" His opponent could not move due to the immense cold generated by the force of the Impact.

Game End. Winner: Dan Shidou!

"Well, he had all the reason to lose," Katarina explained. "First, he didn't have a balanced deck at all. Secondly, he didn't use the effect…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 28 August 2020

NX Chapter 17: Electric Bonds! Kaguya's Secret Mission! (Part Two)

Another crisp autumn morning at Harumi Middle School, and Buddyfight Fever was continuing to grow. Kaguya Kagiyama decided to take a slightly different path to school this morning. She didn't want to be seen by too many people, for she was on an extremely important mission.

I must work in an operation tomorrow, so, I can fight with one of your club members?" Kaguya asked the club yesterday after school ended.

"Ready to go, Tsukuyomi?" Kaguya asked her Buddy, who had taken the form of a rabbit while the duo were at school. She had taken to living inside Kaguya's bag, where she had actually used her magic to make the space larger on the inside than on the outside.

"Yes, do I have to take her with me?" Tsukuyomi complained with a loud groan. She…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 3 August 2020

NX Chapter 16: Electric Bonds! Kaguya's Secret Mission! (Part One)

It was a nice, sunny day, with unseasonably warm weather. After word got out that it was the Buddyfight Club who managed to solve the Seven Mysteries of Harumi, the Club had been dealing with a growing crowd of students trying to gain entrance by defeating one of the Club's members. If Buddyfight Mania hadn't hit the school before, it had now. Even Principal Kidani, who had once been told to despise Buddyfight, had a chance to get involved in the fun.

"I'll attack with Bullspike Dragon!" the Principal declared. His opponent was none other than the District Chief.

"Your game is improving steadily, Kidani," the District Chief told him. "However, I must block that attack with a Black Dragon Shield!"

"I figured you would do something like that," …

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FlareBuster214 FlareBuster214 12 July 2020

Another day another errata

It is that time again, errata's are now open. Suggest any buffs or de buffs for the following cards. 

  • Blaze Gigant, Hammer Burn Dragon
  • Blaze Recruiter, Flame Call Dragon
  • Flaring Spiral
  • Instant Burst
  • Recruiter Recall
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FlareBuster214 FlareBuster214 7 July 2020

I'm Back

Hey guys, if you were wondering why I was gone for a while. I recently just enjoying my holiday break and mostly spend time with my family and friends. I mostly took this time to take a break from both my plans for Flame Dragon World and my education in order to give myself a bit of a breather. So yeah there's nothing much to say other than thank you for supporting the posts of Flame Dragon World. More posts will come in this Thursday.

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FlareBuster214 FlareBuster214 23 June 2020

Errata Sunday

Hello, if haven't heard of me the name is FlareBuster214. I am new around here and I'm glad you guys can help me. From now on, every time I post a new card, I would like you all to see if that card needs to be nerfed or buffed. Since I am pretty concerned on how would a card would either be too broken or underwhelming. Every Sunday (AEST), I would take account on which cards that needed to have an errata. I hope to work with all of you and thank you for reading this post.

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WikiNumbers WikiNumbers 23 April 2020

The Purge

The fanon wiki serves to let people lay out their ideas. However, there had been little to no visible attempts to upkeep the pages in good condition. Additionally, some of the users have abandoned the site.

As such, I announce that I will be mass-deleting pages from users whose last activity is before April 23, 2019. This inactivity deadline can be moved as I deem fit.

Any users whose last activity is before the deadline must reply to this blog within 72 hours.

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 10 April 2020

NX Chapter 15: Lost Legend! Scary Tales from School!

Another normal day at school. In Mr. Ishida's classroom, Dan was learning the basics of circle geometry with a group of twenty other students.

Mr. Ishida asked the students, "Can anyone recall the circumference formula of a circle?"

Dan immediately raised his hand.

"Yes, Shidou?"

"The circumference formula of a circle is 2 times π times r," Dan answered him.

"That is... correct!" Mr. Ishida responded. "Now, can anyone recall the area formula of a circle?"

Again, Dan raised his hand quickly.


"The area formula of a circle is π times r²."

"That is also correct!" Mr. Ishida continued to instruct the class, but Dan had stopped listening. As he began to contemplate his lack of memories, he shyly hid himself away behind his maths book.

There's st…

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DepressedDragon DepressedDragon 9 February 2020

Futurecard Buddyfight: Revenge of Deity Link 02 - Powers of Old

It was currently 3 AM in Shizuka's home. She woke from her sleep, sitting up from her bed with a yawn while stretching her arms out. Shizuka then went to do the morning regular routine you could expect.

Shizuka walks to the kitchen with the intention of preparing to make breakfast for everyone when she noticed a bowl of boiled eggs with a plate of bacon and salad, coincidentally what she usually makes for herself. "Huh..." She said, simply shrugging it off while she begins to make breakfast for the rest, but then she began hearing the shower turning on in the bathroom but left it alone under the assumption that her mom woke up early.

After Shizuka had finished, she went up to her room, only to find a familiar face from yesterday in one of he…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 8 February 2020

NX Chapter 014: In the Blink of an Eye! Kaguya's Lucky Draw!

Ichirou led the Buddyfight Club to a special training room where someone they knew was waiting for them.

"Inside this training room, I believe, is someone whom you've met before," Ichirou explained to them. He opened the door to reveal Kaguya Kagiyama.

"Hey, you're the girl who helped us get rid of the Werbeast King's curse!" Dan remembered.

"Hello, Dan, everyone," Kaguya said quietly.

"I've enlisted Kaguya's aid on a top secret mission," Ichirou continued to explain. "But like all other recruits, she's gotta pass the entrance exam."

"An entrance exam?" Asaka asked shyly.

"Don't worry about it... Asaka, right?" Ichirou continued. "The entrance exam is actually pretty easy. Kaguya got a perfect score on the written exam, so she's progressed to th…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 2 February 2020

NX Chapter 013: Fubuki's Challenge! Shingo on the Ropes!

"Is there anything else you want to see before we end the tour?" Tasuku asked the Buddyfight club.

"I need to challenge that Shingo kid!" came a voice from behind him.


"Yes, Captain. That Shingo kid has been getting on my nerved throughout this tour! I need to settle the score!"

"Very well, Fubuki... Shingo, do you accept her challenge?"

"Absolutely!" Shingo answered him. "The Prince of the Night accepts all challengers!"

Shingo and Fubuki took their places in the Buddyfight arena and got ready for their fight.


Both fighters then declared "Raise the flag!"

"I'm with Darkness Dragon World," Shingo told his opponent.

"I'm with Hero World," Fubuki responded.

"My Buddy is Deathraider Wladios."

Fubuki said nothing that time. She wa…

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Dungeon world Dungeon world 10 January 2020

Too much Fairy Tail

So I see that a lot of "little worlds" like the world i made ( exploration world ) for example have like 15 pages only and they don't have good attributes because i cannot select directly an attribute and I need help doing the list of the cards from exploration world and to do the attributes all in the same place.

But for things like fairy world, these cards are complete and there is a whole lot of them, but there is still more cards that are added even tough they should be transferred in another world that has less cards in it to help other worlds to grow. 

You have the final say in all of this, it is your cards, just please try to help little worlds grow instead of feading something that is already very big.

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Akemi64 Akemi64 7 January 2020

Chapter 16 updated plus OC contest!

I have updated the latest chapter! I also have a contest nya. I will be choosing 3 OCs and add them in the Sengoku arc nya. I will be choosing the OCs that will be sent nya. Here are the rules nya

1. This OC does not use Fairy Tale World since there are already a bunch of users.

2. The worlds that the OCs used are limited to Dragon World, Katana World, Magic World, Danger World, Legend World, Dungeon World, Ancient World and your fanmade worlds if you wish.

3. Only one OC can be submitted per person.

4. You need to connect your OC's history to either to my one of my OCs or to the canon characters in the Sengoku Arc.

5. The deadline is on January 17, 2020.

You can pm me in wattpad at Tsukinawa_Yukino, here or at discord if you're friends with me! …

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 10 December 2019

NX Chapter 012: Field Trip! Meeting the Buddy Police (Part Two)

"I evolve Illusion Dragon, Danzari into Great Illusion Dragon, Danzari Phantom!" Dan sent a card from his hand, gauge, and drop zone on top of Danzari, then placed the Phantom card on top of the stack. Danzari had once again taken on a ghostly form, acquired a scimitar, and gained silvery armor.

"So this is the power of their evolution?" Ku asked Captain Ryuenji.

"Amazing," the Captain realized, not noticing his teammate's question. "Their plan was not to focus on winning one way or the other. Rather, their plan was to push both on us, and force us into an impossible situation. Lose to Danzari Phantom or lose to Helical Blessing. Dan was waiting until Katarina was ready before he called Danzari Phantom... Those two..."

"I activate Danzari Pha…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 15 November 2019

NX Chapter 011: Field Trip! Meeting the Buddy Police (Part One)!

It was a nice September morning. Perfect weather for a Buddyfight. The Buddyfight Club had just arrived at the Buddy Police headquarters. They had been invited to take a tour of the building by Captain Tasuku Ryuenji after Dan's successful defense of the game against the District Chief. Once inside, they marveled at how busy the place was.

"Glad you all could make it!" The Club was greeted by the Captain, his Buddy monster, Jackknife, the Captain's close friend and fellow officer, Ku Teito, and the Captain's protégé, Mayuzumi Fubuki.

"I've heard one of you wants a Buddyfight with the Captain," Fubuki told them.

"Maybe we all do," Shingo commented quickly. "I certainly wouldn't mind one myself."

"Nobody can defeat our Commander," Fubuki answere…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 31 October 2019

NX Chapter 010: Resolution! Dan's Final Stand?!

Teachers, staff, and students were all afraid of him. Whenever he visited a school, it meant that something was very wrong, and he was coming to fix it, no matter what the cost. He must have heard about the ban on Buddyfight being lifted at Harumi Middle School, most of them believed. He was bound to hear about it eventually. And now, he was there to set the record straight. Buddyfight would not be allowed in any of his schools. Period.

"KIDANI! GET OVER HERE!!!" he spoke with a loud booming voice. No matter where one was in the school, if he called out a person's name, that person would come. He was tall and imposing, even more so than the coach could even dream of being. Everyone was afraid of him. This was the district chief.

Principal Ki…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 26 October 2019

NX Chapter 009: Furry Friends! Dawn of the Werbeast King

The Buddyfight Club had just arrived at school. Summer may have been winding down, but the temperatures were still insanely warm. Today's plan was simple: survive class, practice for the School Carnival whenever they could. The School Carnival was in November, so they needed to get as much practice in as possible.

Dan was the first to notice something was off. There were no people at the school, only animals.

"That's definitely not good," Raiki said to Dan after the latter explained the situation. "Not even the teachers are here?"

"Well, we're already here," Katarina said. "Maybe we can play some Buddyfight while we wait for someone to show up?"

"I dunno about you," Raiki answered her, "But I'm leaving. No teachers means no school." He then tu…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 14 October 2019

NX Chapter 008: Venom Swamp! Prince of the Night Rides

It was Friday, the day of reckoning for the fledgling Buddyfight Club. By the end of the school day, either there were enough members to allow the club to be recognized by the school or they would be one member short, and the club would be forced to disband. Three of the now four club members were busy creating a strategy for their next challenger.

"It's certainly not going to be me," Katarina said to the group. "I've already lost three in a row. I can't face another loss like that."

"Well I can't do it," Asaka insisted. "If what you guys are saying about this Shingo guy is true, I'll just lose as well."

"Well I'm not doing it," Raiki told them. "I'm tired of being the Buddyfight monkey around here. I'm taking the day off."

"Well I can't fight…

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DepressedDragon DepressedDragon 13 October 2019

Futurecard Buddyfight: Revenge of Deity Link 01 - Awaken, Spirit Deity!

"This one...she's perfect! Who knew there was someone like this who did this, now this kid's name is...."

"Shizuka!" We now see a classroom with a teacher calling out a student with long, white hair with a bang covering half their face. She pulls her head up after having it on the desk for awhile, giving a look of disinterest.

"Yes? What is it?" The girl asked, not paying much attention to the sternness in the woman's voice.

"I take it you are paying attention this time." Shizuka would give a simple thumbs up as a response. "Your exam is tomorrow so I would hope so for your sake." She would then continue the lecture, as Shizuka's shoulder was tapped.

"At least pretend to be interested...you're supposed to be the role model of our class " A blo…

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DepressedDragon DepressedDragon 29 September 2019

Futurecard Buddyfight: Revenge of Deity Link 00 - Prologue

In the mountains of Ancient World lies a dragon of an azure color sitting in a meditative position. It's body of a translucent, so much so that it wasn't too hard to believe that it could disappear any minute. The avian-esque wings would be spread to a position where he could take off at any moment. The translucid dragon would suddenly open it's eyes as another dragon appeared beside him, though much larger in size and had a body of crimson. Wings were also absent from this figure, though they seemed to be advantaged by an overall bulkier body and an extra set of arms.

"Something on your mind Esprit?" The greater dragon would look down upon the other a stern look on it's face waiting for a response.

"...Yes actually." The dragon apparently …

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 24 September 2019

NX Chapter 007: Brave Up! I Can Be a Hero Too!

The next day, Room 160 was over-full with people looking for a chance to join the Buddyfight Club. Dan and Katarina had successfully gotten more interested people.

The problem? They were not very good at Buddyfight.

Raiki had just got done fighting several of them. During a break in the action, Raiki went over to them to give an update.

"All these people are coming in with Trial Decks," Raiki observed. "They simply don't stand a chance against me."

"That's a huge problem!" Dan complained. "We need five members by end of school on Friday. We won't get there if we keep beating them."

"So what?" Raiki asked. "You want me to go easy on them?"

Dan was silent.

"Of course not!" Katarina insisted. "We established a rule and we need to maintain it! Especi…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 16 September 2019

NX Chapter 006: Clash of Wills! Evoknights vs. Mystic Dragons Revisited!

Right outside Room 160, a sign was posted that said "Buddyfight Club Tryouts". The sign had been there all day, but so far, no one seemed interested. Inside, Dan and Katarina were confused. Why would no one in a school that seems extremely interested in Buddyfight want to join a Buddyfight Club? They kept asking themselves that question all through lunch.

Suddenly, Dan said, "We need a big old Buddyfight in the school commons!"

"I tried that..." answered Katarina. "The schedule is full for an entire month."

"An entire month?! How?"

"The Athletics Club has both the commons and the gymnasium booked for an entire month."

"What could they possibly be doing for an entire month?!" As Dan said that, a group of students ran by the window. Dan and Katar…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 14 August 2019

NX Chapter 005: New Friends! Buddyfight Club Begins!

"157... 158... 159... Here it is! Room 160! Soon to be home of the Buddyfight Club." Dan and Katarina were excited to set up shop for the new club.

"I'm still surprised the principal gave us temporary approval and a room so we can recruit new members," Dan observed.

"I'm just glad Mr. Ryuenji worked his magic," Katarina answered, "Let's get to work, shall we?"


"What do you mean hmm...?"

"The door's already unlocked," Dan answered, "Someone might be inside."

"Don't be silly," Katarina replied, "Open the door." Dan did as he was told.

As soon as the door crept open, they found a boy who was in the same year as them sitting in a chair, facing away from them. "Fate has foretold your arrival, Dan Shidou..."

"How do you know my name?" Dan asked…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 9 August 2019

NX Chapter 004: Decision! The Buddy Police Arrive!

"I call Illusion Dragon, Dancat to the center," Dan finally found a card to play. "And then, I'll Buddy Call Illusion Dragon, Danzari (Size 3, 10000/10000/2) to the center!" Danzari jumped on the field in a blizzard. When the blizzard faded, the small cat-like creature had transformed into a large dragon, cloaked in black and carrying a book in hand. (Dan: 4→5)

"It's a bit warm out here," Danzari said, "Maybe I should make it a bit colder..."

"What is that?!" Katarina replied in shock.

"Illusion Dragon, Danzari," Dan answered, "Size 3 with 10000 Power and Defense, with a critical of 2. He's my favorite Buddy, and the answer to this fight."

"So that's the Illegal Monster," the officer said. He tried to scan the monster to get any info he could…

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WikiNumbers WikiNumbers 4 August 2019

CardTable Overhaul

Hear ye Hear ye @Editors!!

For various reasons I end up don't really like the original CardTable, I've been (publicly) developing a new version, and have put in actual use: The CardTable2. Let's skip the blurb and get to the point.

  • 1 Changes
  • 2 The actual point
  • 3 Change Log
  • 4 Ad

  • No changes need for currently existing input
    • Except the illust stuffs. They're invisible now. Maybe I'll implement it later.
  • Card Name Header
    • Added "jp_name" parameter just for the header
  • Color effect: The header background will now generate color effect
    • Fully support Dual and Triple cards.
    • Obviously, does not support Quadra and Quintet cards. Because they do not exist in the real game.
      • Can be made possible, if anyone wants, though.
  • Effect box now spans the full table! The bottom-lef…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 3 August 2019

NX Chapter 003: Banned Game! A Buddyfight to Remember!

"Detention! Detention! Detention!!!"

Dan and several other students were shocked. The principal had just doled out the last of the detentions for the day. The rest of the students cleared the room, except for the student council and Dan.

"What's the detention for?!" Dan asked.

"You have been found in violation of Rule 714, Sections 1 through 9," the principal answered, "and possibly several more. On top of that, we tried to find your name in the Buddy Database."

"We could not find any record of you or your Buddy Monster," a student council member named Sawatari added.

"It's been tough to find any record of you ever existing prior to today," the principal continued, "Your parents cannot be contacted, you have no next of kin, it's almost as if you…

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 28 July 2019

NX Chapter 002: Victory! My Name is Dan Shidou!

"These cards make no sense!" Shidou said to his Buddy, "What am I supposed to do?"

"Wait for your opponent to make his move," Danzari answered, "Then we can make a counter-move."

"Draw! Charge and draw!" Raiki began.

"Draw, charge and draw? Huh?"

"To draw is to add the top card of your deck to your hand cards," Danzari explained, "To charge is to add a hand card to your gauge. Then you draw again."

"I call Evoknight Big Jaws to the right!" (Size 2, 8000/6000/2) A strange shark-looking creature suddenly appeared on the field.

"What is that thing?" Shidou asked, shocked.

"This is an Evoknight, an evolved form of Armorknights of Danger World," Raiki answered, Big Jaws! Take a bite out that dweeb's life points!" The monster dealt two damage to Shido…

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Akemi64 Akemi64 27 July 2019

Buddyfight Fanfic

So I have created a buddyfight fanfic entitled "Future Card Buddyfight: Lost Fairy Tale" nya! Read it if you're interested nya! It's posted in Wattpad nya! Here's the link nya! https://my.w.tt/MtEuaypqiY

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Terry the Cat Terry the Cat 17 July 2019

NX Chapter 001: Lost Memories! A Boy Mysteriously Appears!

You're tuned into the World Buddy Cup Final! It looks like we're about to see the final attack!!!

"Attack the fighter!"

His dragon is truly amazing! And just like that, it's over! He's pulled off the tremendous upset and is now our World Champion!!!

"Hmph... Let's go."

That's just like him! Never wanting to spend too much time on-screen.

A boy was laying unconscious in the school commons. He looked like a sixth grader.

"Hey!" a girl tried shouting at him. "Hey! Wake up! We're gonna be late for class!" A crowd began to form around them, most of the students wanting a good look at the stranger. Eventually, the girl smacked the strange boy, which woke him up.


"We are going to be late for class! We need to hurry!" the girl kept shouting. The …

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ApocalypticFarce ApocalypticFarce 15 April 2019

Ideas and Suggestions for Implementation

Basically What this is just a general upkeeping of the wiki, more categorization. Pages with no information or basically pages practically empty. Just help organize and clean up the wiki. With pages with lack of content, A notification will be sent to the page's creator to see the status of said page so there aren't just filler buffer pages Around.

Already been discussed some but the general purpose is to promote user's works. Currently only Cards and Worlds are going to have features. Users submit pages for consideration if they meet requirements and then wiki users vote for their favorite one via a poll. More features could be added but only when other potential categories have a substancial amount of variety in content in order to do so. …

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ApocalypticFarce ApocalypticFarce 10 April 2019

Featured Card Of The Week

Hello Users of the Buddyfight Fanon Wiki this here is a blog with information on how the Featured Card of The Week (and by extension similar Featured Categories if and when implemented will be following a similar format)

First thing to note, for featured works users can submit their works or the works of others. However for each time period, we will only be considering 1 Card created by 1 User and 1 Card per World. This is to allow diversity.

There will be a submittion period followed by a Voting Period. In the first users can submit works, while in the second works deemed to have decent quality (NOTE: By Decent Quality this is refering to the pages themselves being neat and clean.) that meet requirements will be up for voting and users can …

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WikiNumbers WikiNumbers 30 January 2019

Wiki Adoption

Hello everyone. Since we have no active admin around, I would like to get you guys to discuss and decide who should do the honor and adopt this wiki.

Or in other word, me. I volunteer to adopt this site, like I have done with Cardfight!! Vanguard Fanon wikia. 0123456789 The Great 14:04, January 30, 2019 (UTC)

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Omnipotentking103 Omnipotentking103 28 October 2018

im sorry

Hellow there everyone...Im....want to say that Im sorry...that Im faulier in Devinatart youtube tumblr inkbumny and other social acounts as a memember....I just cant do nothing right anymore I feel that I tries to be like you guys but Im not and Im sorry for all this mess...I began to realise that I cant do nothing right or what doing right...because I keep post delete my posts and repost them over and over again nostop and always have a idea scrap it and creat a new one and then do it again and again Im felt tiredsome doing this also I keep messing up and doing things that not worty...*sighs* I feel mad at myself right now...

What I did that make me feel that I mess up:
Requesting to much
Force others to noticed me
Annyoing others

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Omnipotentking103 Omnipotentking103 14 October 2018

A honest confession and apology...what's next now?

Hello everyone Im here to do a honest confess something to everyone I really need to let it out...

Im sorry for done something bad I really apologies for my problem behaviors and temper outbursts and emontional breakdowns and doing self-harm and vents time to time I just have a problems with my past and present I did that was regretful andd im sorry for it so here's my honest confession and apology.

My confessions:
I done incest sex with  my cousins
I kiss my older sister and my mom
I have dirty thoughs about my dad
I done bestiality sex with two dogs
I kiss a person younger then me
I done sex with a olderman
I wanted my family dead
I hit things and people when I got mad
I delete and repost alot of my posts
I annoying people at times
Went to far with R…

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Omnipotentking103 Omnipotentking103 16 September 2018

My new self brace and accepted myself and move on

1. Love yourself.
Despite all the things that you think may be terribly wrong with you, love yourself. Love yourself.

Tattoo it on your brain.

I can think of so many reasons why you should love yourself, but here’s just one: It is incredibly dull and uninspiring to be around people who do not love themselves.

I spent many years being anorexic and feeling like I was a monster. I’m sure I was not much fun to be around and I also know that I didn't book any of the acting jobs I was trying to land. It is very challenging to hire someone or love someone who fights you by holding up a mirror of hatred toward themselves.

Here’s my challenge for you today: Take a picture of your face and remember that in 10 years time you will be amazed at how gorgeous…

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Omnipotentking103 Omnipotentking103 10 September 2018

....................................im done

Im done...Im sick and tired of this....I......finallyhave enought of this mess...

Im done with:
People ingonre me on Deviantart Youtube Inkbunny Tumblr Fandom Wiki...
People not noticed me...
Get angry at times
Be so self-negative
Be self-harmful
Wanted to kill myself
Commit suicide 
People hate me and left me alone
Nobody know me
Nobody care about me
People mock me and tease also laught at me
Nobody undestand me
Nobody felt sorry for my past
My past
My bad memories
Request to much


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Omnipotentking103 Omnipotentking103 29 August 2018

I cant take it anymore...

  • delete*
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Omnipotentking103 Omnipotentking103 21 August 2018

Noticed(vent song)

All I wanted was to be on the stage
But I'm living my dreams
From inside of a cage
Don't look away
Don't turn your back
Don't you dare disengage
Joints are rusty
Tank is empty
Now I'm running on rage

All alone on Pirate Cove
It drove me half insane
Even if you'll never hear
I'll sing a cheer to ignore the pain

But I just want to be noticed
I only crave your gaze
But when you look away
From my display
It sends me in a craze
'Cause I just want you to notice
I just want everyone to know
But now my heart is dark
My bite is worse than my bark
I just wanna put on a show

(I just want to be noticed)
(I just want to be noticed)
(I just want to be noticed)
(I just wanna put on a show)

All I wanted was to play in the band
Even if it was challenging
With a hook for a hand

You neve…

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Rabbit2018 Rabbit2018 9 July 2018

Buddyfight El Drago Chapter 2

Buddyfight El Drago chapter 2: the Meeting and Charge

I was crying after what happen to me aaron beat me and im feel stupid for trust him my heart breaks by two my mind blaked i can see nothing but later my body felt weak i shout loud and i over eat and drink later i throw up and i collaps to the ground someperson see me and pick me up and later me and the person sit on the bed and we talk 

Unkown boy: Hey are you okay


Unkown Boy: what is your name


My voice is broken and cant talk I lock at the unkown person and i hug him 

Sora: It's okay im here and also my name is Sora …

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Rabbit2018 Rabbit2018 1 July 2018

Buddyfight El Drago Chapter 1

Buddyfight El Drago Chapter 1: the rise of the new buddyfighter

I woke up in my bed. It's morning. I saw the sun rising and the flowers blooming. My mom then walked into the room.

Mom: Good Morning, George.

George: Good morning, Mom.

Mom: You should come and get your breakfast. Also, Kosta is coming.

George: Alright.

I went to eat my breakfast with my older sister, my dad and my mom.

George: Hello, Sophia.

Sophia: Hello, George.

Dad: Good Morning, Son.

George: Good Morning.

Sophia: So, is Kosta coming to see you?

George: Yeah, he's gonna teach me to Buddyfight. Is it my first time you know?

Sophia: Don't worry. My friends taught me how to Buddyfight. Do your best. Just relax and have fun.

George: Ok. Thanks, Sis.

I finished my Breakfast and then I met up…

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AmarinaDavi AmarinaDavi 19 December 2017

About Buddyfight CRY

Hey there, long time no see! I'm just gonna talk about something, about my fanfic CRY. Well, a long time ago, I decided to move to Amino, and I guess if you want to read my fanfic, you can go to the Buddyfight Amino by downloading the Amino App and following my profile Silver Khan "Awaken the Power".

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Dreamergirl3000 Dreamergirl3000 19 August 2017

Rush-Shot: "I Can't Do It Without You" (Kanata and Athora) Aug 19, 17

Hi guys, I finished the episode so this is now suspended from this site, but if anyone else wants to read it, just ask, I guess, and I'll link you to where I posted it elsewhere XD

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Mooremayhem Mooremayhem 26 June 2017

Hello Everyone

Hello people of the Buddyfightfanon wiki, just quickly saying hello to everyone and that i look forward to seeing how the wiki evolves. 

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Edin the White Mage Edin the White Mage 21 April 2017

Arc Genesis Deck

Buddy: Spectral Arc, Illusion -2-

Size 0s 4

Sphere Genesis, Form -IX- x4

Size 3s 24

Dark Arc, Core -0- x4

White Arc, Jewel -1- x4

Spectral Arc, Illusion -2- x4

Storyteller Genesis, Scribe -3- x4

Voltage Genesis, Bolt -4- x1

Vivid Arc, Glory -V- x1

Stellar Arc, Aurora -VI- x1

Strong Arc, Barrage -Seven- x1

Will Genesis, Feather -EIGHT- x1

Final Genesis Crowned Legacy King, Vortex ☆ Ten x3

Items 4

Scepter of Arc x4

Spells 16

Linked Arc of Genesis x4

Dual Arc of Genesis x4

Genesis Stone x4

Charged Arc of Genesis x4

Impact Monsters 2

Vortex ☆ Ten, "Indestructible Final King!" x2

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Edin the White Mage Edin the White Mage 21 April 2017

Machina Beast Deck

Buddy: Mach Beast, Amai

Size 1s 9

Chronicle Beast, Cross x3

Moonformed Beast, Nolt x2

Mach Beast, Amai x4

Size 2s 9

Volt Machina, Ven x3

Quelling Machina, Qua x3

Gale Machina, Abem x3

Size 3s 7

Machina_of_the_Retribution,_Reed x4

Machina Jailer, Gairol x3

Spells 18

Cross Machina Transfer x4

Machina Energize x2

Machina Resolution x4

Machina Limit x3

Machina Ward x2

Machina Restoration x3

Items 5

Machina Sword, Expel x3

Sage Cloak, Tetra Robes x2

Impacts 2

Machina Explosion Burst!

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Edin the White Mage Edin the White Mage 16 March 2017

Suiko Talis Deck

This is a deck for "Genesis World".


Blue Sage, Samu


Genesis World (flag)

Size 1s 10

Blue Sage, Samu x4

Brave Diviner, Lomon x2

Fuchsia Scholar, Mayi x4

Size 2s 10

Golden Tetra, Zu x4

Red Seer, Zemin x4

Wise Tetra, Gen x2

Size 3s 4

Azul Diviner, Yula x2

Eternal Genesis, Equilibrium x2

Spells 20

Diviners Will x4

Embolden Voice x2

Genesis Charge x2

Genesis Knowledge x2

Quelling of Genesis x2

Stella Wisdom x4

Tetra Shell x4

Items 4

Genesis Bow, Archlight x4

Impacts 2

Full Genesis Guidance "Future Light Read" x2

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KingRabbit20 KingRabbit20 26 October 2016

KingRabbit20's Persona Profile character

Here's my persona character profile guys im hope you like it and also enjoy

Name King 

Age 20

Gender Male

Family Unnamed Family

Personality Calm Cool Collected silent mature levelhead kindhearted gentle respectfull undesteting caring sweet very mannerd control his emotions never mad or emotional 

Likes Video games Making Friends Sweets

Dislikes Violence Melons Acrophobia

World Legend world

Buddy Demon wolf Fennir


Buddy skill Hand to hand combat

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KingRabbit20 KingRabbit20 20 October 2016

My Best Friends list

Here a best friends list im dont know what to post so it's the only thing i gonna post today hope you like it and enjoy









they are my best friends they be choosen by me for be caring kind sweet and gentle to me

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AmarinaDavi AmarinaDavi 16 October 2016

Future Card Buddyfight CRY Chapter Listing

Ahoy, mateys! Here's the chapter list!

Future Card Buddyfight CRY Chapters

Arc 1 "Reuniting Aqours":

-Chapter 1 "Birth of a Warrior"

-Chapter 2"The Awakened Warriors"

-Chapter 3 "The Third Warrior's Rising"

-Chapter 4 "The Other World Psychic"

-Chapter 5 "The Blazing Ruby"

-Chapter 6 "Zura Flowers"

-Chapter 7 "The Fallen Angel Descend"

-Chapter 8 "Twilight Diamond"

-Chapter 9 "Sea Ninjas' Wave"

-Chapter 10 "Aqours, Sunshine!!"

Arc 2 "Team Eclipse's Here!":

-Chapter 11 "Muse's Return"

-Chapter 12 "The Light and Dark Flames"

-Chapter 13 "Total Eclipse"

-Chapter 14 "Chika vs Andy, The Ignited Flames"

-Chapter 15 "You vs Otis, The Truth of Sonic and Cord"

-Chapter 16 "Riko vs Ben, The Opposite Battle"

-Chapter 17 "The Sudden Spark of Honoka"

-Chapter 18 "Psychic F…

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Dionsama Dionsama 15 October 2016

FCBF God of Tempest 1

The night was young, the hands of the large antique clock hung from the Aibo Tower near the center of the city slowly ticking, indicating that it was almost an hour past midnight. It was quiet, but Ryuenji Tasuku, the young Buddy Police officer currently on patrol, could tell from experience that it was not the peaceful calm of a sleeping city. The air was stifling, electrified with the anticipation of... something. There was always something going on recently, night after night. Whether some minor criminal acting up or a major illegal monster outbreak, the city was not the safe haven it used to be, despite Tasuku's and the others' best efforts.

The azure-haired boy sighed, leaning against the wall of the nearest building. One more hour, an…

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