Book of Godhead, Arda Viraf
Sleeve English Book of Godhead, Arda Viraf
Kanji 全能者の書、アルダビラフ
Kana ゴッドヘッドのブック、アルダビラフ
Romaji Zen'nō-sha no Sho, Aruda Birafu
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 6000 / 2
Attribute High Dragon / Weapon

The ancient text of the Godhead, foretelling the entrance into a new world.


If you have a <Greater Deity> on your field, you may equip this without paying the [Equip Cost].
[Equip Cost] [Pay 3 Gauge]
This card can attack even if you have a monster in your center.
When a size 3 <High Dragon> enters the field, draw a card, place the top card of your deck in your gauge and your opponent drops a card from his or her hand. This ability activates once per turn.

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