Buddy Police Agent Variant Weapon, Lumichanger
English Buddy Police Agent Variant Weapon, Lumichanger
World Hero World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 5000 / 2
Attribute Superhero / Weapon
Author Jesteban360 / SeveraZero

The special system of this mass-produced weapon for the Buddy Police changes according the situation.


[Equip Cost] [Pay 2 gauge & put two cards from your drop zone into this card's soul]
All monsters with "Buddy Police Agent" in its card name on your field cannot be destroyed or returned to your hand by your opponent's card effects.
This card gains the following abilities for each different world name on your field
● 2+ This card can attack even if a "Buddy Police Agent" is on your center.
● 3+ This card gets [Penetrate].
● 4+ When this card link attacks with another "Buddy Police Agent" choose a card on your opponent's field and drop a hand card. If you do, put the chosen card into the drop zone.
● 5+ When this card attacks your opponent and deals damage to your opponent, you win the game.


Buddy Police Agent Variant Weapon, Lumichanger can be found in the following set:

S Extra Booster 1: Superhero Wars Σ -Rise of the Masters!-
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