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Burning Love Unrequited
English Burning Love Unrequited
Kanji 燃えるような愛
Romaji Moeru yōna ai
World Legend World / Dragon World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Empyreal Corps / Fire Star Dragon / Defense
Author Jesteban360
R: The relationship between the Heiress's Guardian and the Second Ace's Partner is complicated.

SP: "Little Angel, you will need my love!"
"No, thank you, i don't need it."

You only cast this card if your monster is attacked.
[Cast Cost] [Discard a card from your hand]
[Counter] Nullify the attack and applies the corresponding effect depending on the attacked monster attribute.
* <<Empyreal Corps>>: You put the top card of your deck into the gauge and gain 1 life.
* <<Fire Star Dragon>>: The attacked monster gets Power +5000 and [Counterattack].