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Sukai Hana is the main character for Future Card BuddyFight: Angels and Spirits?!?! The story entwines the world of Date A Live, Card Fight Vanguard, and Future Card BuddyFight. Suaki is A card collector and a student in Raizen high school. He is in the same class has Shidou Itsuka. Suaki find is love of playing cards by getting a weird delivery in person. Kyoya Gives him a certain old ancient buddyfight deck, and IN PERSON!! You can see the words play out check out the new fan fic. Future Card BuddyFight: Spirits and angels?!?!

Info on character

My character looks a lot like bell but still diffrent.

My character Has hair all the way down to his shoulder. Also he has a bit more bulk, not much but enough to see that he has some muscle. When my chacter is not in school uniform, you will se him in alot of black clothing. He is not gothic, black and dark red are his two favorite colors.

He likes to hang with friends and rarely ever at home.

He really has a big crush on Kaguya Yami, and Yuzuru Yami, but is to shy to say or do anything. He detest Tohka to the point of completly ignoring her.

Sukai is a very big otaku. Before class starts you will always chatch him reading manga/ light novel or watching anime. He has a collection like no other.

He has a dream of having a harem. He calls himself "Harem King." 

He is religious (but that will be unannounced to not stir hatred towards the series.)

Tell me your thoughts on the Sukai Hana. 


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