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This world is about Hens and Roosters, and Baby Chickens.

Roosters most of the time call hens from deck or drop zone.

Hens most of the time have skills the have to do with Baby Chickens.

Baby Chickens do not do much, but have some skills.

NeoChickens work with each other getting called.


Chicken World Flag

Size 1 Roosters

5 Chosen Chickens, Ultra Rooster

3 Prince Roosters, Hugh

3 Prince Roosters, James

3 Prince Roosters, Timothy

3rd Rooster, Ronald

Evil Rooster, Shadow

Ultra Galaxy Rooster, Comet

Size 2 Roosters

1st Rooster, Henry

2nd Rooster, Liveyo

4th Rooster, Cyan Rooster

5 Chosen Chickens, Knight Rooster

5 Chosen Chickens Leader, Heroic Rooster

Rooster Of Light, Henry

Rooster Of Whirlwinds, Tornado

Shiny Star Rooster, Shine

Strong Liveyo

Size 3 Roosters

5th Rooster, Yellow Rooster

Size 0 Roosters

Magician Rooster, Top Hat

Rooster Spells

Chickens Fly~ To the sky~

Chicken Song " Amazing Healing Of Sacred Roosters"

Divine Rooster Crowing

Henrys Returning Shield

Liveyo Attacks Your Opponent's Monsters!

Master Rooster

Rooster Healing Of Henrys Cute Eyes

Super Energy Of Liveyos Rooster Attack

Thousands Of Sacred Eternal Healing Of Rooster Crows

Wait... I'm thinking ... Aha! I knew it all along- Henry the rooster


Ethel's Device!! EXPLODING FIELD!!!!

Henrys Invention! Cute Impact!

Liveyo's Invention! Angry Impact!

We are chickens!


Egg Costume

Rooster Costume

Size 1 Hens

1st Hen, Chicky

2nd Hen, Naomi

4th Hen, Sara

5th Hen, Teresa

7th Hen, Luna

8th Hen, Stella

11th Hen, Rockstar

12th Hen, Winter

13th Hen, Fall

14th Hen, Violet

16th Hen, Mia

4 Hen Princesses, Faith

4 Hen Princesses, Hope

Hen Party "THE ROGUE", Peanut

Magus Hen Of The Skies, Naomi

Super Adorable, Chicky

Size 2 Hens

3rd Hen, Pamela

5 Chosen Chickens, Ultra Hen

5th Hen, Nicole

9th Hen, Rita

10th Hen, Star

15th Hen, Hilda

4 Hen Princesses, Joy

Guardian Hen Of The Skies, Pamela

Hen Party "THE SAGE", Ethel

Paladin Hen, Naomi

Support Hen, Naomi

Size 3 Hens

Golden sky chicken, Angelica

Size 0 Hens

4 Hen Princesses, Annabelle

Priestess Hen Of The Skies, Natalia

Hen Spells

Hens Supreme Defense

Master Hen

2nd Hen, Naomi's Research to nullify a spell...

Naomi's Superior Bawking Concert! All Hens sing!

Powerful Hen!

Power Up Hens!

Super Loud Rock and Roll Hen Bawking Putting Opponents Monsters In The Gauge!


Size 1 Baby Chickens

2nd Baby Chicken, Cocoa

3rd Baby Chicken, Ruby

Size 2 Baby Chickens

Size 3 Baby Chickens

Size 0 Baby Chickens

1st Baby Chicken, Jubi

4th Baby Chicken, Clara

5 Chosen Chickens, Ultimate Baby Chicken

Hen Party "THE ADVENTURER", Jubi

Baby Chicken Spells

Jubi's, Cocoa's and Rubie's fun day

Master Baby Chicken

Normal Spells

1st Baby Chicken Jubi Has A Dream....

1st Rooster Henry's Speech About How To Be Too Cute....

As you are too chicken I AM TOO not chicken...

Chickens Eating Feed

Chicken Song " Great Flight Around Chicken World

Chicky Is Trying To Escape the pen...

Energy Of Feed

Feed Reduces Damage! In this world it does at least

Feeds Repeating Defense

Feed Wall

Keep going!

The Adorableness Of Rooster Henry... It is dangerous!

The Five Chosen Chickens Go Forth And Save The World!

Wonderful Chicken Paradise

Hen Support Spells

Divine Chicken Bawking

Food Call!

NeoChicken Size 1s

NeoChicken, NeoNaomi

NeoChicken Size 2s

NeoChicken, NeoHenry

NeoChicken, NeoRockstar

NeoChicken Size 3s

NeoChicken, NeoLiveyo

NeoChicken Size 0s

NeoChicken, NeoJubi

NeoChicken Spells

NeoChicken Summoning

NeoHenry Shield