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*Evolution King, Odd Ruin Paladin
*Evolution King, Odd Ruin Paladin
Size 3
Size 3
*Time King, Reverse Blade
*[[Time King, Reverse Blade]]
*Evolution King, Great Chronos Dragon
*Evolution King, Great Chronos Dragon
*Time Master, Zodiac
*Time Master, Zodiac

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Chrono World Flag

]]Chrono World is a Fan World made by Dungareeunlimited39. It is home to the peace keepers of the universe. They are very stoic and take their job very serious.


This world focus is mainly negating card effects and sending your opponent back in time, as well as sending you forward in time.


  • Wizard
  • Mecha Dragon
  • Mecha Human
  • Weapon
  • Shield
  • Holy Dragon
  • Light
  • Rune


  • Time Master
  • Great Time
  • Evolution King

List of Chrono World cards


  • Chrono World


  • Pendulum Staff
  • Wand of Chronos


  • Time Void
  • Reverse Stream
  • Great Rewind
  • Different Dimension Fusion
  • Dark Zodiac


  • Great Time, Burst Stream
  • Great Time, Reverse Point


Size 0

Size 1

  • Time Master, Twin Star Warrior
  • Chrono Gear
  • Gravity Dragon
  • Time Master, Ruin Magician
  • Paradox Queen
  • Fusion Star, Jack

Size 2

  • Chrono Hydra
  • Chrono Sword Warrior
  • Keeper of the Dark Gate
  • Mobius Dragon
  • Chaos Photon Dragon
  • Evolution King, Odd Ruin Paladin

Size 3

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