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Corrupted Deity of the Heavens, Fatharmope
Deity of the heavens Fatharmope.JPG
English Corrupted Deity of the Heavens, Fatharmope
World Lost World
Card Type Monster
Size 0
Power / Critical / Defense 25000 / 3 / 15000
Attribute Corrupted Deity
"Come lightning. Come thunder. Rain down from the heavens, and smite those who fear your wrath"
[Call Cost] 1 Hope, Harm, and Fate monster must be destroyed in order to buddy call this monster
If this monster remains on the field, draw 1 card from your deck, and send 1 from your hand to the drop zone
[Lost Gate: Origin] Destroy all monsters on your opponent's field, that are size 2 or lower.
[Lost Gate: Impetus] Negate one monster's effect from your opponent's field, and gain 5000 power

[Triple Attack] [Soulguard]