This page is about the keyword. For the attribute, see Counter (Attribute).

"Counter" (対抗(カウンター) Kauntā) is a keyword which, when attached to an ability, allows you to use it during either player's turn on any phase, and in response to opponent's actions and abilities as well.


  • Q: If both player want to use a Counter, which player should use it first?
  • A: The turn player will be the first to use a card or ability. After that, the non-turn player will get to use a card or ability with Counter before the turn player's card or ability resolves. Against that, the turn player cannot use another card or ability, even if it has Counter. For example:
    • Player A casts something.
    • Player B casts a Counter.
    • Until the chain ends, the turn player cannot use any ability.

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