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Courageous Deity Knight, Yuga
勇敢な神騎士 ユウガ
English Courageous Deity Knight, Yuga
Kanji 勇敢な神騎士 ユウガ
Romaji Yūkan'nashinkishi Yuuga
World Dungeon World / Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 4000 / 1 / 2000
Attribute Adventurer / Deity Dragon Tribe
Author Jesteban360
"With the power and will of all, the victory will be ours!"
When this unit's link attacks with another <<Adventurer>> or <<Deity Dragon Tribe>> destroy a monster or deal damage, pay one gauge. Search of your deck one <<Dragod>> or <<Adventurer>> monster, put in your hand and shuffle your deck.
If you have a monster with "Gargantua" in its card name, this card gets [Power] +10000.
If you have a monster with "Ranma" and a monster with "Miko" in its cards names, all your monsters get [Power] +5000 and [Defense] +5000.