Crystal Sword of Utopia, Ragnarok
Sleeve English Crystal Sword of Utopia, Ragnarok
World Dungeon World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 2 / 0
Attribute Utopic Empire / Utopic Arsenal / Weapon
Author DepressedDragon

[Double Buddy] "Utopia's General, Hariken"
[Equip Cost][Pay 2 Gauge and put up to a total of 3 «Utopic Arsenal»items from your hand, field, or drop zone into this card's soul]
«Utopic Empire» on your field can't be destroyed, and their abilities cannot be nullified, by your opponent's card effects. They also get the abilities of all items in their soul.
At the start of your attack phase, send up to the same number of items from this card's soul into the soul of any «Utopic Empire» monsters on your field as their size. At the end of the turn, place any number of items from the soul of monsters into this card's soul.
[Double Attack][Soulguard]

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