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Daiki Sora

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Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji):
Japanese name (kana):
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: November 17th

Other attributes:

World user: Dragon World (Formerly)

Photon World (Unite! - onward)


Unknown Dragon World monster

Radiance Blade "Parallel", Althereon, Omniscient Sage, Gaziel (Technically and only outside of fight)



Minor attributes:

Friends: Michael Amser (Formerly)

Kukiko Ares (Best friend)

Other names:

Daiki Sora is the upcoming main protagonist in the story/fanfic, Future Card Buddyfight!: Unite! His buddy monster isRadiance Blade "Parallel", Althereon, and uses Photon World


"Daiki" (大輝 ) comes from a combination of "dai", meaning "large, great" and "ki", meaning "Radiance". His last name "Sora", having the meaning of "Sky, wind", his full name can be roughly seen as "Great Radiant Freedom"


Daiki wears a light grey t-shirt along with a slightly ragged black overshirt. He also wears white pants/jeans, and almost always has a cream colored scarf and a metal pendant around his neck. He has green eyes, and his hair is golden blond, and spikes out along the sides and back, while leaving one large bang on the front. He is 5'9" in height and has a athletic build. 


Daiki was always a calm and friendly boy, but used to be rather rash and overconfident whenever it came down to buddyfighting. However, ever since the "turning" of his once best friend, as well as coming into contact with the cosmos and becoming the sole user of the Photon World Deck, he has learned many valuable lessons, and has changed more so, becoming much more humble, and valued his friends and their feelings. He is extremely cheerful and kind of foolish at times, even to the point of sounding insane by some. This even goes to the point of him being rather oblivious to what is recently occuring around him. However, whenever the time comes, especially when the world needs help most, he always becomes focused and prepared for the task at hand. Despite the usual behavior he shows, Daiki is actually a rather intellectual individual, scoring in the high A averages in all academic assessments. 



Through the power entrusted by Photon World, Daiki to a certain extent has powers over the element of Light. This includes being able to project small blasts of light to attack, creating light barriers, and several others. Also, being a fencer for most of his life, Daiki also is extremely acquanted with the art of swordsmanship.

Daiki is also an amazingly trained soccer player, being the star goalie on his school team.