Dan Shidou is the main protagonist of Future Card Buddyfight NX. He is a sixth grader at Harumi Middle School and the co-founder of the school's Buddyfight Club, along with Katarina Sawatari. His buddy is Illusion Dragon, Danzari.


Dan's surname contain the kanji (士, Master) and (導, Guidance), likely referring to his role as the leader of the Buddyfight Club and of the series.

Dan's first name is written in katakana, so it does not carry any specific meaning.


Dan has short, spiky, dark green hair, a reference to his use of a Magic World deck. Most of his hair points downward, except for two stubby spikes that point upwards, similarly to a cat's ears, referencing both his love of cats and the cat-like appearance of his Buddy, Danzari.

Dan wears the Harumi Middle School uniform, which consists of a dark blue jacket, coal gray pants, and black dress shoes.


Dan has a rather timid personality, possibly brought on by his memory loss. Despite this, Dan is fiercely loyal to his friends and is even willing to put himself into dangerous situations to protect them.

He has a love for cats, which can be seen in his choice of Buddy. Although Dan doesn't remember ever owning a cat, Danzari remarked that when Dan was younger, he preferred being around cats than people.


Dan awoke one day at school with a severe case of amnesia. He couldn't remember anything, including his name, age, and whether he had any relatives. Despite this, he quickly makes friends at school, becoming a hero at school due to his defense of the game against the principal of the school and later the chief of the school district. He forms a Buddyfight Club with Katarina, and with the blessing of Tasuku Ryuenji, the club begins to grow and enters the School Carnival. Dan slowly realized, with the help of Danzari and the rest of the Buddyfight Club that his memories are tied to Buddyfight. It is inferred by Danzari that the more Dan Buddyfights, the more of his memories he will regain.

More details to be revealed later...

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