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The Umbral Walkers are a group of ghosts originating from the graves & crypts around Darkness Dragon World. At first, they are but tiny will-o'-wisps that wandered the dark lands of their world but as time passed, they gained power either by time or by assimilating souls & other will-o'-wisps. Gaining enough power, these will-o'wisps will began to search for a non-living "host" & eventually possess it, turning them into what many perceived to be haunted furniture or cursed weapons.

However, this is not their final form as these possessors began gathering more items to form a more body-like structure than their last. More & more "scraps" are gathered & before long, they created a form many will perceive as to be an undead. Nobody knows what goal the Umbral Walkers achieve; all they know is that they are unpredictable. One second you will see them passing villages like phantom with no business there & the other razing it while "eating" the souls & possessions of the freshly killed.


The Umbral Walker's playstyle is undead-like, requiring you to pay Life for most of the ability cost & to fuel your drop zone with as many cards as you can. Most of the time it is used to bring out your X-Cell Monster; each with powerful effects that can be used multiple times each turn. However, it can also be used to set up your two [Set], which effects rewards you with Life in exchange of "progress" you made in your match.

Also, your cards & strategies will benefit from card "removed from play" (or in Yu-gi-oh term, banished) & you will have the cards that help you do so. You will also gain advantages by doing so.

Notable User

  • Specter





Normal Monsters

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X-Cell Monsters

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