Darkvenom Dragon (ダークヴェノムドラゴン Dākuvenomu Doragon) is an attribute currently unique to Darkness Dragon World. It is utilized by Shingo Oda in Future Card Buddyfight NX, and later by Rei Urameshi in Future Card Buddyfight Ace.


Darkvenom Dragons focus on winning by decking out the opponent rather than by reducing their life to 0. The main way they do this is with the Venom Swamp spell, which continuously mills the opponent's cards. They continuously destroy Venom Swamp and recycle it again to reuse its effects to burn out their opponent's deck while using stalling tactics. Usually, this stalling leads to the archetype's Impact Card, Master of Venom Swamp, which can restand the entire field and force the opponent to remove even more cards from the deck. Deathraider Wladios is the main monster of the deck, as it can search for more Venom Swamps to add to the field.

List of Darkvenom Dragon Cards (Canon)

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List of Darkvenom Dragon Cards (NX)





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List of Darkvenom Dragon Support Cards (NX)



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