Death The Kid
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English Death The Kid
World Fantasy World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 1000 / 0 / 1000
Attribute DWMA Student

"Symmetry means both sides have to be equal, understand?"


[Call Cost] Pay two gauge.
"Symmetry" This card can attack the left and right at the same time or attack the center twice. You cannot choose this card to attack the left and center or attack the right and center.
"Partner" This card cannot attack unless Twin Pistol, Patty and Twin Pistol, Liz is in this card's soul.
"Sanzu Lines" You may pay one gauge. If you do, this card gains +5000 Power for this turn.
"Death Cannon" You may pay 1 life and 2 gauge. If you do, this card gains +1 critical and [Penetrate].

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