Deathgaze, "Blood Frenzy"

Deathgaze, "Blood Frenzy"
デスゲーズ “ブラッド・フレンジー”
English Deathgaze, "Blood Frenzy"
Romaji Desugēzu "Buraddo Furenjī"
World Darkness Dragon World / Danger World
Card Type Impact Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 1 / 2000
Attribute Black Dragon / Armorknight / Death
Author 0123456789 The Great
It' simple: I'll just kill everything!!
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 Gauge & Destroy 2 cards on your field & You take 2 damage]
"Spectral Strike" When an opponent's monster is destroyed, deal 3 damage to your opponnet!!!
Your card's attack cannot be nullified. This ability cannot be nullified!!
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