Defy The Destiny!
Sleeve English Defy The Destiny!
Kanji 運命に抗ってゆけ!
Kana うんめいにあらがってゆけ!
Romaji Unmei ni Aragatte-yuke
World Generic
Card Type Impact
Author 0123456789 The Great

You may cast this card if you have "The Shining Pride" equipped, and you have casted "The Unwilting Strong Memories" during this fight.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 3 Gauge]
Choose 2 items on your field, and [Stand] them. For the rest of this game, they get power +5000, they can attack during the Final Phase, and they cannot be destroyed!!

Ability (Japanese)

使()(よう)コスト] ゲージを3払う。


  • This card's name is based on a lyrics from "RESISTER".
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