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Deletor Psydragon, Anubis
根絶者(デリーター) サイドラゴン アヌビス•デバステート
English Deletor Psydragon, Anubis
Kanji 根絶者サイドラゴン アヌビス
Kana デリーター サイドラゴン アヌビス
Romaji Derītā Saidoragon Anubisu
World Lost World
Card Type Monster
Power / Critical / Defense 20000 / 3 / 10000
Attribute Lostvader / Psydragon
Search this moment into your soul - Curse Delete.
[Counter] "Dimension Door - Banish" When this monster is attacked, you may pay 1 life. If you do, nullify the attack, add the top two cards of your deck into to your gauge, and flip one of your opponent's monsters face down. (The face down card cannot attack, use its abilities, or be called over. It is flipped face up at the end of your opponent's turn.)
[Double Attack] [Counterattack]