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Deletor of Pleasant Memories, Anubis Eradicate
(たの)しい(おも)()根絶者(デリーター) アヌビス•イラヂケイト
English Deletor of Pleasant Memories, Anubis Eradicate
Kanji 楽しい思い出の根絶者 アヌビス•デバステート
Kana たのしいおもいでのデリーター アヌビス•デバステート
Romaji Tanoshī Omoide no Derītā Anubisu Eradīkeito
World Lost World
Card Type Monster
Power / Critical / Defense 100000 / 0 / 10000
Attribute Lostvader / Psydragon
This is the end of your world. Delete the Fighter!
This card on your field cannot be affected by your opponent's card effects.
Gauge costs of your card effects are reduced by 1.
[Call Cost] [When your card named "Deletor of Souls, Anubis Devastate" is destroyed, pay 2 gauge.]
"Dimension Door - Fighter Delete" When this monster appears on the field, you may pay 4 life. If you do, this card gets Critical+5, choose one card on your opponent's field, flip it face down, and delete your opponent's Buddy!!
[Double Attack] [Penetrate]