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Dinodragon, Heinous
ディノドラゴン ヘイノス
English Dinodragon, Heinous
Kana ディノドラゴン ヘイノス
Romaji Dinodoragon Heinosu
World Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 9000 / 2 / 8000
Attribute Dinodragon / Abyss
Must! Have! More! Food!
This card can only be called by the effect of "Dragon Evolution".
While this card is on your field, any damage you take is reduced by 1.
[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
"Enrage" [Counter]Act】 When this card is involved in an attack, you may drop a soul from this card. If you do, this card gets Power+10000/Defense+10000 during that attack.
[Triple Attack] [Soulguard]