Sleeve English Dragochronicle
World Ancient World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Memory Dragon
Author SeveraZero

A book that chronicles every dragon that has every existed. The Heroic Dragons, the Selfish Dragons, and the Forgotten Dragons.


You may only [Set] one "Dragochronicle" on your field.
If you have a “Forgotten Past Dragon, Regretful Life Dragon“ on your center, you may put monsters up to a total size of 9 on your field.
At the start of each player's turn, look at the top three cards of your deck, you may put as many of those cards as you like on the bottom of your deck in any order, and put the rest of the cards on the top of your deck in any order.
All 《Memory Dragon》 on your field cannot be destroyed or returned to hand and their abilities cannot be nullified by your opponent's card effects

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