Dragon Deity of Order, Ahura Mazda
English Dragon Deity of Order, Ahura Mazda
Kanji 注文の龍神、アフラマツダ
Kana 正義のドラゴン神、アフラマツダ
Romaji Chūmon no Ryūjin, Afuramatsuda
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 3 / 6000
Attribute High Dragon

When the Godhead created the Dragon Deity of Order, what came forth was peace and justice.


You may use this card with all flags if your buddy is a <High Dragon>.
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 Gauge]
During your turn, all monsters on your field get [Double Attack].
When this card attacks and deals damage to your opponent, destroy their item.
[Lifelink 3]

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