Dragon Force, "Style of Antithesis"
English Dragon Force, "Style of Antithesis"
World Dragon World / Ancient World / Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 7000 / 2
Attribute Moon Dragon / Dragon Lord / White Dragon / Weapon
Author SeveraZero

I will keep carving a path! A path towards our existence!


[Release Condition!] [You have a size 3 monster with "Balle Lune" in its card name on your field]
This card on the field cannot be destroyed or returned to hand, This card can attack even if you have a《Moon Dragon》monster on your center, and its abilities cannot be nullified.
During the attack phase, all monsters on your opponent's field cannot [Move]. Then, if you have a 《Moon Dragon》 on your center and no monsters in your opponent’s center, nullify all abilities of monsters on your opponent's field.

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