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Energy Sun World has 5 attributes.

Fire Slashers deal damage on call and give life once destroyed with "Fire Heal"

Energy Warriors are like skull warriors but have more gauge boosting concepts.

Sunshine Paladins have many searching deck abilities they also have "Sunsight" an ability once destroying a monster.

Awoken Sun are based around having 2 on the field for both offense and defense.

Shining Blades have at bottom of deck effects.

Size 1s

Aiming For A Victory Day, Paladin Belle

Divine Paladin Of Great Friendship, Buddy

Edge swordsman of miracles, Shining Revelation


Energy Knight, Sunray

Fire Slasher, Azul Blaze

Fire Slasher, Burn

Fire Slasher, Fire Burst

Fire Slasher, Fire Soul

Fire Slasher, Fire Wave

Fire Slasher, Shining Explosion

Galaxy bright sol swordsman, Dual Fire Wield

Image Creator Of Sun, Artist Paladin


Paladin Of Light, Rainbow Sun

Paladin Of Thankful Ruby, Diane

Sun Archer, Sol

Sunshine Paladin, Sunlight Paladin

Super Speed Energy Warrior, Extreme Swordsman

Soaring Bird Sol Paladin, Sol Falcon

Soaring Sun Warrior, Celestial Brightness

TEAM! Energy Knight, The Archer

Warrior of swords as countless as stars, Sirius

Size 2s

Awoken Sun, Burninglux

Awoken Sun, Celestialsun

Awoken Sun, Crioa

Awoken Sun, Eternal Brightlight

Awoken Sun, Fireelementa

Awoken Sun, Lightelemento

Awoken Sun, Slaia

Awoken Sun, Solcelea

Awoken Sun, Sunrise

Bright Sword Warrior, Sunlight Knight

Diving sun knight, Avalea

Fire Slasher, Bright Inferno

Fire Slasher, Dash Fire

Fire Slasher, Lava Slasher

Fire Slasher, Magma Blade

Fire Slasher, Red

Glowing Sol Paladin, Amaya

Heroic Paladin Of Sol, Amanda Light Beam

Life Spear Paladin, Song

Paladin Of Faithful Emerald, Sila

Soaring Bird Sun Paladin, Sun Hawk

Sol Paladin

Sol Warrior

Soul Heart Paladin, Loyalty

Sun Healer, Lily

TEAM! Energy Knight, The Healer

Virtuous swordsman of sun, Virtue Sun

Size 3s

Auroura fighter, Gemrolda

Auroura Fighter, Tulula

Divinemost swordsman of heavenly sun, Clowwdine

Fire Slasher, Biofire

Fire Slasher, Celestial Fire

Fire Slasher, Eternal Volcano

Great King, "The Sun"

Guardian Of Sunshine, Heaven Paladin

King Of Sun Energy, Burning Sun

Paladin Of Brave Silver, Leon

Salvation Light Paladin

Shining warrior of blessed sun, Lei

Swordsman that wields the bringer of hope, Sunlit Dusk

Wielder Of True Light, Paladin Of Hope Oliver

Size 0s

Auroura Fighter, Rainbow Striker

Energy Knight, Sun

Fire Slasher, Ruby

Knight Of Bright Skies

Paladin Of Royal Gold, Sunshine

Soaring Bird Glowing Paladin, Glowing Finch

TEAM! Energy Knight, The Fencer

Warrior Of Bright Sun


Energy Sun World (card)


Awaken thy sun!

Awoken Sun Charge

Awoken Sun Heal

Beam Field, Sunshine Lace

Fireworks! Burning Energy

Glowing Energy Burst

Heavenly Sun Blitz

Ray Rain Of Sunshine

Revival Sunshine

Salvation Aura

Sense for harm

Shield Of Sunshine

Shining aurora sphere of Clowwdine

Shining Sun Memories

Spell Negation Of The Sun

Sol Burst

Sol Shield Protection

Sol Strike

Sun Bolt Blow

Sun Damage Reduce

Sun Heavens

Sunlight Beam

Sunbolt Strike

Sunlight Glove

Sunlight Heal

Sunlight Power

Sun Ray Counter!!

Sun Shield Protection

Sunsight Everywhere

Sun Sight Light


Broadsword Of Shiny Sol

Forever Auroura Blade, Redemption Auroura

Lance of Flight, Soaring Lance

Light Sword Of The Divine Sun

Spear Of Energy

Sun Blade, Electric Sol

Sun Blade, Solar Light

Sword Of Brilliance, Divine Sun


Aurora Sunny Blade Dance

Energy Sun Ray, Ultimate Sol!

Shining Blades Soaring Virtue

Sun Inferno, Brilliance Bol