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Evoknight Kraken
エボナイト クラーケン
English Evoknight Kraken
Kana エボナイト クラーケン
Romaji Ebonaito Kurāken
World Danger World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 2 / 4000
Attribute Evoknight

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You may have up to six copies of this card in your deck if this card is your Buddy monster.
Each effect of "Evoknight Kraken" can only be used once per turn.
When this monster appears on your field, you may pay 3 gauge. If you do, draw a card, call a monster from your hand to your field, until end of turn, it is treated as size 0, and that monster attacks your opponent. If the attack did not deal damage, [Stand] that monster.
When this monster attacks, pay 2 life, and [Stand] one of your other monsters.