Fairy Force, "Style of Tales"
English Fairy Force, "Style of Tales"
World Fairy Tale World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 5000 / 1
Attribute Good / Villain / Weapon
Author Akemi64

The power of the Author, give the will to end this story once and for all!


[Release Condition] [If you have 6 or less life and if you have a monster with "Tales" in its name on the field]
[Equip Cost][Pay 2 gauge] This card cannot be destroyed or returned to hand and its abilities cannot be nullified.
If you have 20 or more cards in the drop zone, all cards in the field cannot be destroyed or returned by your opponent's card effects.
If you have a monster with both <<Good>> and <<Villain>> attributes on the field, this card gains power +5000 and critical +1.
[Triple Attack]

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