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Fairy Force, "Style of Wonder"
English Fairy Force, "Style of Wonder"
World Fairy Tale World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 10000 / 3
Attribute Oz / Weapon
Author Artzy Sky
"Let's go on a magical ride, Dorothy!"
"I'll accompany you wherever you go, Wanda!"
[Release Condition][If your life is 6 or less and you have a monster on your field with “Dorothy” in its card name]
[Equip Cost] [Pay 2 Gauge]
This card cannot be destroyed or returned to hand, its abilities cannot be nullified and it can attack even if you have a monster in the centre.
All size 2 or greater <<Oz>>> on your field become Size 1.
At the beginning of your attack phase, if you have three or more <<Oz>> monsters on your field, all of your <<Oz>> get [Triple Attack].