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Fairy Tale World is a world filled with various of characters in fairy tale and folk tale stories. Princes, princesses, elves, fairies, even villains in the story. They are divided into two groups: Good and Villains.


Monsters in this world lived through their each and own respective storylines in their own fairy tales. Basically, this is always their daily routines. There is an unwritten rule among them: Never leave your respective fairy tale to avoid any conflict from other fairy tale monsters.

That is until one day, the villain, Maleficent, was sick and tired of always losing against her respective enemy. Thus, she left her own respective fairy tale and started to wreak some havoc to other fairy tale stories. This made some monsters who were good and all villains do the same. Those who were good left their respective fairy tale because they either wanted to explore and create their own story or they were tired of the same old same routine and wanted to be free of their own story. Of course, the villains did not want to waste the opportunity in front of them and followed Maleficent's steps. Thus, the separation between good and villains from their fairy tales.

Now, for those who were good and left their own respective fairy tales due to wanting to explore and create their own story went to Wonderland. Wonderland is a place filled with mysteries and adventures. It is a perfect place for them to explore as much as they want and create their own tales and not what is laid out for them. On the other hand, those who were good and wanted freedom went to Neverland. Neverland is a place where monsters don't need to play a role in any stories. They can just sit back, relax and do whatever they want, not worrying about any conflicts at all. However, there are still Villains hidden in Wonderland and Neverland.

But peace was further destroyed when Fairy Hunters, a third party which aims to eliminate every story characters of Fairy Tale World to eliminate and erase magic in the world because of how harmful it is, entered the realm to destroy the existence of Good and Villains.

Though the Fairy Hunters have entered the fray, another group has joined in to save each monsters from them. This group is called Fairy Savers. Fairy Savers are the guardians of Fairy Tale World which prevents any monsters to cease to exist at the hands of the Fairy Hunters.

Play Style

In Good Attribute, the cards will be focusing on the user's gender to activate the cards' skills.

In Villain Attribute, the cards will be focusing on the opponent's gender.

In Wonderland Attribute, cards are focused on manipulating the field to their advantage.

In Confection Attribute, cards are focused on destroying themselves to protect the user, focusing more on defenses.

In Neverland Attribute, cards lower the monsters' sizes in the field and has specific size requirement to gain advantage.

Oz attribute cards focuses on Witch combos.

In Witch attribute, the sub attribute for Villain attribute, they focus on resting an opponent's monster until the end of their opponent's turn.

Oreintal Fairy Tale, is an attribute who discard cards to get abilities also get skill if are placed in the drop zone or if a card is placed in the drop zone, and can get skill if have some number of cards in the drop zone.

Merry Man is an attribute which focuses on having lower power, defense, critical, etc. then compare it from the opponent so that they can have the advantage.

Pirate attribute cards, like real pirates, plunder or looting off their opponents. Also, checking the top card to activate benefits.

Fairy Hunter are cards focused on the number of times they destroyed a monster to activate their effects.

Fairy Saver is focused in counterattack and protection of its cards to get skills or resources.

Some cards can be effective, regardless of the gender of the user, if certain cards are on the field, and some cards have skills if have or link attacks with a Good or a Villain, that type of cards have both types of attributes.


  • Akari Mamoru
  • Ayano Maeda
  • Isamu Ueda
  • Jun Mamoru
  • Kashitaro Hanemura
  • Masahiro Abe
  • Reina Shirasawa
  • Wanda Yumetochi









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Impact Monster

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  • These cards are based on classic, fable, authors for Fairy Hunter and Fairy Saver attributes monsters, some folklores and fairy tale stories.
  • My friends helped me making this fan cards.
  • Artzy Sky made the flag and emblem for this world as well as some cards and the attributes called Oz, Fairy Hunter and Confection. Jesteban248 also created some cards here as well as the attributes called Fairy Savers and Oriental Fairy Tale.
  • Wanda Yumetochi is Artzy Sky's OC. Reina Shirasawa and Kashitaro Hanemura are Jesteban248's OCs.