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Fallen Soul, Heroic Pride
English Fallen Soul, Heroic Pride
World Rebellion World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 0 / 10000
Attribute Weapon / Chaos Knight / Chaos Hero
You can only equip this card if u have a 《Chaos Hero》 in your drop zone and you have 5 life or less.

[Equip Cost] [Pay 3 gauge & choose a 《Chaos Hero》 from your drop zone, and put it into this card's soul]

This card cannot be destroyed, nor returned to your hand, and it is treated as if there is a size 3 《Chaos Knight》 monster on your field.

"Hero's Memory" This card gains critical +1 for each 《Chaos Knight》 in your drop zone. (this card's critical cannot be more than 5)

"Soul of a Hero" If this card's critical is 5, this card gains [Double Attack].

"Spirit Combine" When this card attacks your opponent, you may put a card from this card's soul into the drop zone. If you do, this card attacks your opponent and all your opponent's monsters.