Awakening of the Divine is the first Fan Extra Booster for the Fanon Series


  • Contains 61 cards (1 BR/3 RRR/6 RR/9 R/21 UC/21 C) + 6 SP.

Introduces Tachyon World, Royal World, Holy World, and Paradox World

Confirmed Cards

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
FEB01/0001 Divine Judgement Dragon Monster Royal World RRR
FEB01/0002 The Lovely Angel, Abigail Monster Holy World RRR
FEB01/0003 Tachyon Phantom ``Shadow Reaper`` Monster Tachyon World RRR+SP
FEB01/0004 Cherry Blossom Princess, Bella Monster Royal World RR
FEB01/0005 Regal Prince, Lucien Monster Royal World RR
FEB01/0006 No more Pain, No more suffering Impact Holy World RR+SP
FEB01/0007 Great Spell, Fountain of Youth Monster Holy World RR
FEB01/0008 Shadow Throne Item Tachyon World RR
FEB01/0009 Support Unit 02, Tachyon Defense Swarm Monster Tachyon World RR
FEB01/0010 Brave Prince, Hart Monster Royal World R
FEB01/0011 Rose Princess, Rosaline Monster Royal World R
FEB01/0012 Calling Rapier Item Royal World R
FEB01/0013 The Holy Sword of Relentlessness Item Holy World R
FEB01/0014 The Lovely Angel In Light, Eva Monster Holy World R
FEB01/0015 I'm Really Feeling It!! Spell Holy World R
FEB01/0016 Tachyon Phantom ``Fear Ripper`` Monster Tachyon World R
FEB01/0017 Tachyon Phantom ``Swash Buckler`` Monster Tachyon World R
FEB01/0018 Aerial Assassin, Tachyon Phantom Monster Tachyon World R+SP
FEB01/0019 Ice Mage, Ivory Monster Royal World U
FEB01/0020 Princess of Passion, Marie Monster Royal World U
FEB01/0021 Skilled Prince, Liam Monster Royal World U
FEB01/0022 Sacred Crest Spell Royal World U
FEB01/0023 Sacred Promise Spell Royal World U
FEB01/0024 Glorious Blade, Asakura Item Royal World U
FEB01/0025 Sacred White Wings Impact Royal World U
FEB01/0026 Heavenly Angel, Roxy Monster Holy World U
FEB01/0027 Holy Dragon of The Divine Light, Zu Monster Holy World U
FEB01/0028 HAHA!...No Spell Holy World U
FEB01/0029 Angels Unite! Spell Holy World U+SP
FEB01/0030 The Angellic Knight , Jin Monster Holy World U
FEB01/0031 Hey, Hey I got a delivery for you! Spell Holy World U
FEB01/0032 Protection For You Spell Holy World U
FEB01/0033 Support Unit 01, Tachyon Weapon Hauler Monster Tachyon World U
FEB01/0034 Noble Android, Tachyon Knight Monster Tachyon World U
FEB01/0035 Support Unit 03, Tachyon Gatling Auxillary Monster Tachyon World U
FEB01/0036 Projection of Fangs Spell Tachyon World U
FEB01/0037 Signal Sword Item Tachyon World U
FEB01/0038 Claw Cruiser Item Tachyon World U
FEB01/0039 Swash Shield Item Tachyon World U
FEB01/0040 White Mage, Lilly Monster Royal World C
FEB01/0041 Wind Sniper, Eurus Monster Royal World C
FEB01/0042 Critical Hit! Spell Royal World C
FEB01/0043 Royal Crest Spell Royal World C
FEB01/0044 Sacred Formation Spell Royal World C
FEB01/0045 Sacred Tome Spell Royal World C
FEB01/0046 Save Yourself! Spell Royal World C
FEB01/0047 The Lovely Angel, Asa Monster Holy World C
FEB01/0048 Holy Gift Spell Holy World C
FEB01/0049 The Demon Slaying Blade of Justice Item Holy World C
FEB01/0050 Protection For You Spell Holy World C
FEB01/0051 The Lovely Princess of Angels, Marie Monster Holy World C
FEB01/0052 The Lovely Angel, Alisha Monster Holy World C
FEB01/0053 The Tsundere Angel, Emma Monster Holy World C
FEB01/0054 Support Unit 04, Tachyon Aerial Defender Monster Tachyon World C
FEB01/0055 Hologram Guard Spell Tachyon World C
FEB01/0056 Tachyon Reuse Spell Tachyon World C
FEB01/0057 Energy Stealer Spell Tachyon World C
FEB01/0058 Tachyon Swash Survival Spell Tachyon World C
FEB01/0059 Tachyon Overdrive Spell Tachyon World C
FEB01/0060 Gear Shield Spell Tachyon World C
FEB01/0061 Brilliant Stargazer, Pollux Monster Paradox World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
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