Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki

夢幻の風花 シラユキ

English Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki

夢幻の風花 シラユキ

Kanji 夢幻の風花 シラユキ
Kana むげんのかざはな シラユキ
Romaji Mugen no Kazahana Shirayuki
World Cardfight Vanguard!!
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 12000 / 3 / 12000
Attribute Ghost
Author Haruki Kirishima

Have you ever tried to feel the flavor of snow and how it burns?


[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge and put the top 4 cards of your deck into its soul]
[Counter]Act】 Choose up to 3 cards on your opponent's field and you may drop 2 souls from this card. If you do, for this turn, they get power -10000, defense -10000 and critical -1.
When this card attacks if it fails to destroy a monster on your opponent's field or deal damage to your opponent, you may return a "Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki" from you drop zone to your hand. If you do, you gain 3 life!
[Double Attack] [Soulguard] [Ride](Put this card on top of a size 2 card you are [ride] on your field)

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