Fighters Unite!
Chain and Hearty, banner pic, cropped
Fanart of Chain Shadowz and his Buddy Monster, Hearty the Devastator, as drawn by Bloodedge15
Authors Fira
Co-Author Roxas
 Fighters Unite! is a Buddyfight Fanfiction written by Guardian Fira and co-written by Roxasofmalice. It is currently being written and posted for the Buddyfight Wiki, however due to changes in rules, may officially be re-located here. The story features a wide array of characters and fan made cards, and is currently still introducing more characters. It is currently on Chapter 11, and Chapter 12 is in progress, set to be posted once the rule changes are clarified.


The story features a wide variety of characters, created by users from the Buddyfight Wiki, and is still rising in numbers. The main characters are:

Chain Shadowz

Serena Zanagi

Berith Doraco

Sorin Yoshikage

Fira Zanagi

Yuki Nazushima


Kagome Agara

Allisia Vanguard


Tournament Arc

A large tournament is taking place in Hinagiku City, which attracts the attention of many fighters, many from outside of Hinagiku. Chain, Serena and Berith form Team Stardust, while Sorin, Fira and Yuki form Team Burst. Many other teams arrive to take part, including a team with a masked fighter, and a team with a Human/Buddy couple. As the tournament progresses, more questions about some of the fighters arise, and each one needs answers. The only way for any answers, is to win the tournament.

Further Arcs

More story arcs will take place as the fanfic is written, but currently, only another 2 arcs have been confirmed, but will remain nameless until posted.

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