First Deity, Zoroaster Empyrean
第一の神、ゾロアスター エンピレーノ
English First Deity, Zoroaster Empyrean
Kanji 第一の神、ゾロアスター エンピレーノ
Kana ファーストゴッドー、ゾロアスター エンピレーノ
Romaji Daiichi no Kami, Zoroasutā Enpirēno
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 12000 / 3 / 10000
Attribute High Dragon / Greater Deity

In ancient times, one deity brought the worlds into existence.


[Call Cost][Pay 3 Gauge & Put the top two cards of your deck in this card’s soul]
When this card enters the field, look at the top five cards of your deck, put two size 3 monsters from among them in your hand and shuffle your deck.
If you have another <High Dragon> monster on your field, this card cannot be destroyed.

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