Flag Rules

Flags as they appear in the rulebook

"Flags" are an important card type in Future Card Buddyfight. Flags indicate which cards you may use in a deck.

Generally, Flags allow to use 1 specific World and Generic cards. In some cases they list specific traits instead. Flags can also alter elements of your field at the beginning of the game such as life and number of cards in your opening hand.


  • You may put cards that are not allowed by your flag card in your deck. However, they cannot be played on the field.
  • Cards not allowed by the player's flag loses all information on it, as if it were a "blank card". Also, if they enter the field due to any ability, they will be sent to the drop zone.
  • If your flag is flipped face down it loses all of it's text, so you can no longer use any cards under normal circumstances.
  • The flag is not part of your main deck of minimum 50 cards, and a deck may only include 1 flag.[1] Some special flags however can be placed in the main deck if its text allows it to.

List of Canon Flags


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 You cannot start the game with this flag.
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