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Flame Dragon World is a world similar to Dragon World, however this world mostly consist of monsters that focus on the art of manipulating fire (such as the Blazing Battler Clan).



Before Flame Dragon World came to be, Flame Dragons used to inhabit Dragon World. However, thanks to Demon Lord Dragon, Battz[1] nearly destroyed Dragon World, almost all of Flame Dragons take refuge to another world through a dark rift. Through this event, little to no one has ever heard of the Flame Dragons for a very long time. 2 years later, the Flame Dragons have made civilisation in their new found world. Many of it's settlers were fond of this place and what came to for the world to be founded as "Flame Dragon World". Not too long ago, the Flame Dragons have discovered that they can bring their full potential through this world's native essence called "Burst Energy". Through this Burst Energy, Flame Dragons can now fully break their limits and gain powers that no ordinary dragon can handle. Due to this, many of the Flame Dragons have different ideals on how to handle this power. Some choose to use it in a peaceful manner and use it to maintain balance of the world, while others uses it as the means of getting stronger. Through this division of opinions, most of the dragons sometimes are in war of each other which caused the division to be in clans while also finding a new side of the "Burst Energy".

AlterBurst Era

This side of the phenomenon contains the power of dark fire which many Flame Dragons dubbed it as "AlterBurst Energy". Unlike regular Burst Energy, AlterBurst is somewhat unpredictable, making it a difficult power to control. Those who failed to control it, lead them to be corrupted by this power and making them have almost no conscience. There are some Flame Dragons that can utilise this power, however many users of Burst Energy were concerned with this power, since it could disrupt the peace of Flame Dragon World when a flame dragon gets corrupted. To prevent this from happening, the other Flame Dragons exiled all the AlterBurst users. All seems to be at peace, however ever since the AlterBurst users are banished into a distant land. The Burst energy surging inside Flame Dragon World, it caused it to split into two seperate worlds due to them being unbalanced with the Burst energy and the AlterBurst energy. One of the worlds' is part of Flame Dragon World, the other resides with the AlterBurst energy and the Flame Dragons that use it. This other world is later called as Dark Flame Dragon World.

The war between Fire and Dark Fire (Work in Progress)

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Playstyle (Work in Progress)

Flame Dragon World is known to have an a very aggressive nature. They mainly on rely having a low life total and an offensive formation, in order to give access to abilities that pressure your opponent. While Flame Dragon World is ineffective against decks that rely on a control/defensive manner, they can work around them by having access to powerful spells or abilities that can either boost their offensive power or mitigating your opponents defences.

Blazing Battler Clan relies on having the FLARATIC BURST ability that activate when your have low life total (usually 6 or less) and an offensive formation, in order to gain +10000 power, +1 critical while also giving powerful abilities that gives pressure to the opponent.

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