This world has 2 main build types.

Blossom Maiden's Have the ability of putting them at the bottom of the deck, rest them or on call abilities.

Flower Healer's Have the ability of gaining life or nulling attacks.


Size 0

Moonlight Luna Flower

Ocean Of Flowers

Sol Flower

Size 1

Ankh Flower

Gale Violet

Golden Soul, Holy Flower

Healer Of Calm Meadows, Hope

Healer Of Divine Blossoms, Edwin

Healer Of Divine Meadows, Flower Heart

Healer Of Great Light, Solos

Healer Of Silence Flowers, Adam

Jacknife 0 .5 1 Double Attack!

Light Pansy

Magician Of Valleys, Lavender

Maiden Of The Valley, Aurora

Nature Heart

Prince Of Flower Valley World, Han

Rising Daisy

Shine Blossom

Valley Crown

Size 2

Flying Maiden, Gust

Healer Of Calm Meadows, Hope

Light Daisy

Magical Valley Maiden, Magic Blossom

Maiden Of The Valley, Aya

Maiden Of The Valley, Nile

Maiden Of The Valley, Petunia

Maiden Of The Valley, Samantha

Princess Of Flower Valley World, Melody

Sol Flower

Size 3

Healer of the Valley, Valio Maiden Of The Valley, Sara

Orchid of the Valley, Valia

Queen Of Flower Valley World, Flower Melody

Star Flower

Sunlight Sunflower



Flower Valley World (card)


Flower Blaster!!

Flower Cannon!

Flower Destruction! Flower Blaster!!


Flower Shield

Flower Wand, Petal Burst

Flying Spear, Daisy Lance

Flying Spear, Rose Lance

Flying Spear, Violet Lance


Blooming Meadows

Blossom Defense

Butterfly Of Faith

Butterfly Of Hope

Butterfly Of Kindness

Butterfly Of Peace

Cloud Meadows

Daisy Wall

Energy Of The Petals

Field Of Defensive Trees

Field Of Offensive Trees

Flower Counter Attack

Flower Wisdom Ring

Go Forth Maidens Of The Valley!

Healing Of The Flower Healers

Heaven Meadows

Holy Meadows

I dodged!

Moonlight Meadows

Pansey Wall

Rainbow Meadows

Rising Meadows

Rose Wall

Shining Meadows

Star Burst Meadows

Starlight Meadows

Star Meadows

Sunlight Meadows

The Royal Flower Family Crown

Violet Wall

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