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Formation World is based around "Formations."

To give example some set spells will boost stats in certain monster areas.

The monsters in this world are: Device Magus and Planning Heroes.

Size 1s

Device magus of mind, Songheart

Device Magus of Prayers to help, Hilda

Device magus of protection, Logan

Device magus of star, Farelle

GroundBlaze, PlanLela

Planning Hero, Frostbite

Power maxing of strategy, Formation hero Ed

Rainbow planner, Heroa

SkyChill, Workerier

Strategy planner, Ero

ValleyWill, JewelDevisor

WindSlice, EraJustice

Size 2s

Brightness Shimmer Device Magus, Okedex

Device magus of power, Mica

Faith tech wizard, Wizzario

Formation field mage, Wespira

Hero of a acceleration plan, Accel Kyle

Hero of great plan, Strategy Pat

Shimmering Gemstone Device Magus, Usu

Shimmering Night Device Magus, Zezme

Size 3s

Barrage Device Magus, Aerial Arrow

Formation planner of potent flying magic, Ro

Hero of a destruction plan, Planner of Demolition

Planning Hero of Great Heroism Leader, Rie

Lullaby device scholar, Lulla

Size 0s

Hero of an art plan, Artie

Hero of a restoration plan, Planner of Regeneration

Planner of the child age, Hero of the imagination plans

Small age device magus, Shannon Creativity



Done and done and done!

Formation of the Blazing Fight!

Fully Planned Victory!



Shield that was made to protect

Sword that was made to attain victory

Vivid Pierce

Weapon of miracle vision, Plan Bow

Weapon of salvation tech, Formational Gun


Accel of gauge workshop

I defend you

Formation amulet

Formation attacker

Formation darkness

Formation defender

Formation destiny

Formation healer

Formation last resort

Formation light

Formation outerspace

Formation revival

Formation salvation

Formation sneaker

Formation volcano burst

Formation waterfall

Planned a launch


Flag of Formation World