Formless Dragoon, Persona

Formless Dragoon, Persona
English Formless Dragoon, Persona
World Dungeon World
Card Type X-Cell Monster
Power / Critical / Defense 5000 / 2 / 4000
Attribute Knight / Adventure / Dragon Knight
[Tribute] 1 [Knight] Cell Core + 3 Normal Monsters with "Knight" in its attribute.

[Call Cost] Pay Tribute.
When you [Transform] into this card, you may also equip up to two [Weapon] from your drop zone by paying the [Equip Cost].
[X-Cell Transform] Pay Tribute, if this card is in your Extra Deck & put 8 cards with "Knight" in its attribute from your drop zone to the bottom of your deck in any order. (Once per turn, if you pay the cost, equip this card from your Extra Deck or monster space, and this card is treated as an X-Cell Weapon instead of a X-Cell Monster.)

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