Future Card Buddyfight:Blue Flame Of Will
The Protagonist of the series:Sakaha Otonashi
Authors Shido
Type Of Book Light Novel/Fanfic
Release Day/Post Date Unkown
Where Is Post/ Release Future Card Buddyfight Fanon Wiki

"Future Card Buddyfight:Blue Flame Of Will" is an Light Novel/Fanfic by Shido Itsuka. This story is about the protagonists, Sakaha Otonashi and Rune Yagami, and their battle between two different world: The reality that everybody lives in along with the problems they need to face and the Mirror World, the world in the mirror that reflects everyone's true desire and the true nature of their heart.


This story takes place at 20XX. Human technology has reach it's highest level, and with the card game, Buddyfight, humanity is able to interact with the residents of other worlds, known as Buddy Monsters. Chosen humans (known as "Buddyfighters") become "Buddies" with Buddy Monsters to play the game and the world is peaceful as always.

Rune Yagami is a 14 year old student, living a normal and happy life with her buddy, Cait Sith in Boots. That's until she saw something in a mirror. As she gots closer and closer, she got captured by a monster and was sent into the mirror world. That's when she meets Sakaha Otonashi, a boy with black hair that saved her from the hand of that monster.

Due to the interaction between other worlds, a new world was created just beyond the mirror: Mirror World, a world that reflect the heart and true desire of humans and to create the monsters known as Reflecters, who take over humans and are starting to interfere in the human world, and yet, nobody noticed them, not even the buddy polices. Sakaha is the warrior that fights them without anybody noticing him.

Rune want him to try out buddyfight, and he opened a pack that he got from Rune, he got a buddy from Star Dragon World, The Genesic, Omega Big Bang, and discovered the second way to combat the Reflecters, Buddyfight.


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