This a fanfic created by Zane Haloski. If I offend you in any way please tell me, if you do I will change it so it is a little less offensive, or completely gone.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Delivery That Changed My Life

Chapter 2 :

Learning to play the game, and a new spirit?         

Future Card BuddyFight: Angels and Spirits?!?!
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Chapter 1:

The Delivery That Changed My Life

Hello I am Suaki Hana. I am your typical Japanese student; minus the fact my grades are bad. Well kind of I have a grade A average, not A+ average. The only things I struggle at are writing Japanese and math. Other than that I am typical. I am a huge otaku for anime and manga. I love the industry so much I read the light novels.

I have so many figures BD boxes and manga/ light novels. I also am a student at Raizen high school. I am in the same class as the class idol, Tohka. Oh I hate Tohka with a burning passion. Everybody sees beauty and innocents, but I see trash: An awful creature lower than a scoundrel. This usually gets the class to look at me like a weirdo.

Now I am in class thinking about my life and how I should act right now. Remember who I said I hated, well she likes me has a friend for whatever reason. She is inviting me to her birth day party. Why is she asking me and not Ai her best friend?

“Why would I come to your party Tohka?” “Wait you don’t want to come to my party?” “Tohka leave me alone, you’re annoying.” But It will be fun. Kaguya, yuzuru, and Miku will be there.”

I raise my eye brow slightly, and then my face makes a bright red shade. This is not my fault. I have a huge crush on Kaguya and yuzuru. So of course I would blush. Sadly this gets Tohka attention.

“Wait do you like kaguya?” “No of course not” I stand up and grabbed the card. “Here is my answer Tohka!” as I yelled in class. This drew a lot of attention. The entire class faced towards me. I then proceed to open the envelope and read aloud.

“You have been invited to Tohka’s 17th birthday. Can’t wait to see you there!” “Hahaha do you think I would accept this.” This moment I made this choice was the worst decision I made ever. I ripped the invitation in half and threw it to Tohka. Her face was looked like it was about to cry.

“You could have said no…” She said very sadly.

“Shidou! What the hell happened? Tohka anxiety level sky rocketed. “Yelled Kotori. Shido’s left ear started to hurt really badly. That is normal Shido ear has an earpiece that Kotori the leader of fraxunis, gave to shidou.

“You know Sukai right?” “No is he a student” “Yes!” “Fraxunis look up everything about him. “RIGHT” says the lower deck. Oh man this is bad. The Spirit Tohka and The Class Mate Suaki, are fighting. I need to go see what happened. I hope another special quake doesn’t happen again. “Tohka What happened I yelled?” I ran over to the situation.

“Why do you reject me? Why do you not accept me? What did I do to you?” She said while tears flowing out. After she did that Suaki face went blank. Then Suaki spoke up. “YOU DON”T REMEBEER???” Suaki blurts out. “Temee… temee are worse than the devil himself” Suaki is in anger.

“Shido We found information on Suaki.” “What? Tell me.” “Suaki had a brother who died 5 years ago. And he made an exact description of Tohka. Suaki must think Tohka killed his brother.” “That doesn’t make sense; Tohka came to earth months ago.” “ Try calming both of them down.

“Tohka not everyone likes going to girl partys. Suaki it is just an invitation. Tohka will understand soon.”


The class bell rings and every student, including Tohka went to their seats. Three classes have passed and now it is lunched time. The Yami sisters came into the room and got desk to connect to my desk. “Hey Shido how is my servant feeling.” “Incorrect, our servant.”

Says the Yami sisters. The one who talks all high and mighty is Kaguya. The one who talks like a robot is Yuzuru. I see out of the corner of my eye, Sukai walks near our desks. He sat right behind Kaguya. He is sitting right across Kugurumi. Is Suaki best friend.


“Hey sukai have you heard of the card game, Future Card BuddyFight?” Kugurumi asked me question while I was eating, so I stopped abruptly. “Yeah isn’t that the card game that uses the thing card called dark core deck case.” “Correct I think you should collect the cards they are so cool. The dude who uses Dragon Ein has a legendary deck.” “So?” At this point I questioned. Why did he decide to say a legendary deck?

“It says He will give one lucky friend the legendary deck.” “Ok…” “Well the person who is getting it goes to Raizen high, AND IN OUR CLASS!” I was surprised on how excided Kugurumi was. I just shrugged it off after thinking about it for a second. “I always wanted to meet him because of his legendary sword.” “Oh what sword is it?” “Glad you asked. It is called Demonic Demis Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff. It is an amazing sword.

“That sounds so cool” Kaguya said. Kaguya turned around just to listen to our conversation. I turn around and yelled into her face. “Shut up and stop listening to our conversation temee idot..” A few seconds later my faces turns red and I quickly turned around and apologized. “Sorry for my rudeness.”

“Ignore her, the sword has an ultimate power. It has an ability where all single attacks are nullified. The ability Soul guard is nullified. And the weapon cannot be destroyed or return back to your hand.” I then made my eyes go wide,” wait are you serious.” “Yeah why”?

I need that power; I need to have Dragon Ein. “What you don’t even know the game, and I won’t allow that.” “Why Not”? I raise my voice. Kugurumi slams his hands on the desk, which got Shido’s groups attention. “

“Because that sword is absolutely evil. With the power of disaster force. You can turn that card into reality. He says it has enough power like a special quake. He (Kyoya) only has the power to control Aqulta Gwaneff. DO YOU really need that power?”

Shido speaks up “Guys what’s going?” “Annoyed. Please quite down.” Shido looks generally worried. Kaguya and Tohka are just confused. “I need the power to avenge my BOTHER!” Kugurumi fell backwards. “I am going home your pissing me off Kugurmi. I start walking off, before Tohka stopped me. “Suaki what happened” said Tohka. I raise my hand and back slapped Tohka. *smack*

Never Ever Lay a hand on me ever, ever again. I ran off back to my home.

(Suaki dream)

“Hello how are you?” Says an unknown voice. I keep hearing these distorted unknown voice. “wait who are you” “We are from holy world, choose us. We will bring holy into you.”

I suddenly woke up and I was sweating.

(The next day)

I hate Tohka but what I did was just wrong. No matter how mad I am violence is never the answer. I would say sorry but the hot sisters are right there. Well I need to apologize no matter how many man points I lose. I walk over to Tohka.

Everyone faces tuned to a look of detests. Besides Tohka who just became very sad. “Tohka I am very sorry what I did. I was very mad and lost in thought I hope you can forgive me.” “Why do you hate me?” I look at my watch and there is not time to talk so I said, “I will explain later.” “Explain it at my party please.” I question here wanting to come to her party, but I shrugged it over. “Alright” I said while giving a small smile.

I went to my seat a minute later something surprising came up. “Hello Class” says our home rooms teach. “We have a visitor. It is Kyoya.” “Hello Ladies and gentlemen,” The class starts spreading rumors. The girls in the class squeal because of how he looks. “Is Suaki here?” said Kyoya.

Everybody goes in an uproar, “SUAKI!!!” “My face makes a question look. Kyoya turns his eyes slightly and sees me. “How is my friend doing?” I make an immediate response. “What do you mean, I never met you?” “You did remember what happened 6 years ago” “What” “anyways I came here to give you my legendary deck.

The class is still in an uproar trying to figure things out. Kyoya walks to my desk and stands in front of me. “Choose Dragon Ein, or Holy World?” After his question I remember my dream I had this morning. “Suaki you be--,” yelled Kugurumi. My mind cut off his words, while in thought. Do I want that ultimate power. Or should I make an excuse. I got it. “I never Played buddyfight.” Kyoya has a puzzled look on his face.

“Ok Then have Holy World It will treat you like family. I need to go now sadly. Let’s talk later. Then Kyoya walk behind him into a portal. Today is the day I play buddyfight.

End of chapter 1.

Chapter 2:

Learning to play the game, and a new spirit?

I look at the deck box looking thing. It is weird it looks like something that came from hell. It has a big eye with like spikes on it. In the middle of the class I asked Kugurumi a very important question. “Ok Now Tohk-” The English teacher was interrupted by me.

“Hey Kugurumi what is this thing.” “Suaki we are in the middle of the class” says the very pissed off teacher. I don’t blame her, I did interrupt her. Though this case looking thing is very interesting, and so satisfying.  “Really now, you ask me this now?” said a very unpleased Kugurumi. Then I sit down and apologize to the class. Everyone is laughing, well I would if someone got in trouble.

It is lunch time and to my surprise the Idol Miku Izayoai, is in the class. Miku is by Shido’s desk. “Oooh Darling you look cute when you are surprised.” While looking at Miku I heard a voice. A voice I detest, yes it Tohka. “Hey Suaki why did you interrupt class.?”

I look over at Shido’s desk and of course the hot twin, Kaguya and Yuzuru are there. Grrr; time to act nice.  “Well look at this thing.” Tohka focuses all her attention on this case thing. “Oh you want to know what that is?” He said while looking bugged. “That is called a Dark Core Deck Case. It has the power to turn cards in to reality. It is very dangerous.” “Darrrling why would he have something dangerous in this school. “ “Don’t worry Izayoai, it is only dangerous when it is in the wrong hands. You won’t have to worry, Suaki is somewhat responsible.” “Hey what is that supposed to mean.”

“Oh come on Suaki it was a joke. I am interested in something my friend.” “What is it” “Can you handle the power of the dark core? Try saying anything that comes to mind, and summon it’s power.” I question it if I should. Then I hear Kaguya say something that pissed me off. “Suaki, ha that mortal is too weak to even hurt a fly” she said jokingly. Then Yuzuru takes a stab at me.  “Incorrect, a monkey can summon more power than him.” I feel like all my color went out of me.

I felt like an anime character that was so depressed. “Fine” I said angrily. I can feel my eyes changing color, and shape.  My eye looks like a dragon, and my hair gets longer. “Dark core, Activate disaster force.” To all our surprise the dark core responded by getting darker.


The sounds of a spaciel quake sounded through the whole city. I lose control of all thought and my body gets possessed. “Suaki do you hear me!” Shido yells.  Then I say without any thought. “I Am the Heavenly Dragon who stole all principals of destruction, from the devil. “ I can feel my own flesh being covered in armor.  I am starting to lose all hope. “I am willing to throw all my humanity away. I will do anything to get absolute power. It is time to destroy this fallen world, and let everything die.” With every word becoming more dragon like.

“Suakiiiiii!!!” Tohka starts yelling on the top of her lounges. “Stop this, you will destroy this school.” I turn to her. “I shall drowning everything in the crimson flames of purgatory.  Juggernaut Drive!!! Then A loud Demonic voice can be heard. “The Issei With no humanity, Juggernaut Drive!!!”

                Suaki looks like a dragon. The transformation looks unreal. “Shido!” A loud voice can be heard from his right ear. It is the ear piece he has so fraxunis can contact him. “We found a new spirit; it is super close to you. It seems to have been inversed.” Kotori my little sister can be heard.  “No way you can’t be serious.” “Shido whatever you do get the spirits and yourself out of there.” “What about my class mate that is still here??” “Wait what? Just take him with you.” After my sister said that a loud roar can be heard. RRRRAAAAAHHOUUGGHH!!!!! I turn my head to the left and I she Tohka in her limited astral dress. Not just Tohka but all the other spirits. A limit astral dress is their stral dress in the lowest form. The spirits gain minimal strength from this form. A strong ager voice then followed.

“HOW DARE YOU CALL ME WEAK!!!” The voice was a mixture of Suaki and a dragon’s roar. “I WILL SHOW YOU MY STRENGTH!” Miku grabbed me and then Yuzuru grabbed Kugurumi.  Everyone flew out of the building high in the sky.

“Boost,boost,boost,bost,BOOST,BOOSTA!! Galaxy crusheraa!!! A big beam of dark enery was shot high in the sky. It barely missed everyone by a paper thin chance. A dragons voice rings aloud. “Time left 10, 9, 8, 7…” A timer went down and the armor surrounding Suaki starts to vanish.   “4, 3, 2, 1, Time left 0.” All of Suaki dragon like armor vanished. Suaki then proceeds to fall to the floor.

(In the medical room, in fraxunis.)

The crew of fraxunis put Kugurumi into another room to avoid confusion.  Everyone including Yoshino, Yoshinon, and Natsumi were crowding the bed. The bed Suaki was resting. “Ok Shido so your telling me this spirit destroyed the school?” Kotori had a look of confusion. “A male spirit hmmm. Also what made him go berserk?” Then I paused for a moment to remember all what happened.

“Kaguya and Yuzuru were teasing Suaki about being weak.” I said with a serious look on my face. “So you’re going to blaming us?” “Hurtful. I can’t believe Shido would blame us.” Those where the Yami sisters. It is hard to tell them apart from the face, but you can notice them with the lower body. Two beautiful red head girls, with slender body, and pale white head.

“It was your fault cuties. Ooh argg my body is so tired.” The groaning can be heard from the tall slight bulkier spirit named Suaki. Suaki is trying so hard to get up. He does then instantly lands on Tohka’s shoulder. “Suaki you shouldn’t be moving so soon.” I said very worryingly. Suaki looks at me and gives me a wry smile. His hand lands on his hip. “ I am fine, but now give me my Dark Core Deck Case.

“What, why?” Kotori took the Dark Core Deck Case from Suaki because it would get in the way of him sleeping. Kotori then tossed the D.C.D.C (Dark Core Deck Case) to Suaki. Kaguya and Yuzuru Then stand in front of Suaki, who is still leaning his weight on Tohka. “What do you mean it is our fault?” “Surprised. Who are the cuties now?” “Well you are the one that called me weak. Also you to aren’t cute, your beautiful.” Suaki says boldly. Kaguya has an anger look on her face. Yuzuru has a shock face, probably from the complements.  The automated door open up and it is to my surprise Kugurumi.  “Suaki I challenge you to a buddyfight!  The winner buys everyone in this room dinner.” “Wait what?” “We can go to your favorite place… The maid café.” Suaki face got serious. “Dark core activate Disaster force. “ Kugurumi makes a smirk. “Dark Core activate disaster force. “Suaki not here” says Tohka.

“A Black Wing, Feel Real Fear by an Angel of Darkness! Dark Luminize! Angel`s Path of Destiny!!” yelled Suaki. “Let the hungry demons eat and have fun! Dark Luminize! Hungry Jokers!”

“Yami, Kaguya and Yami, Yuzuru please move.” I say proudly.  “Whaaa?” Kaguya says. “Question. Why so Formal?” I began by hovering my hand over the card. “Charge and draw!” I did that while drawing from my (D.C.D.C). I look at it with aw. It is like a dragon arm. Instead of scales it looks like a piece of armor.  “Wait that deck core looks like your arm from yesterday.” Says my opponent which is Kugurumi.  “Let my arrow pierce the hearts of Darkness. I equip, Destiny Arrow, Fevciel!”

I proceed to attack the fighter with an arrow that magically appears. It misses the Yami sisters with paper thin differences. It stabs right through Kugurumi, and doesn’t stagger. Some blood is dripping down. ( Life 10-8)

“See Why you need to move.” The Yami sisters quickly ran over to Shido. It is now Kugurumi’s turn. “Draw charge and draw.” “I equip Brave Equipment Glory Seeker! By doing this I must discard 1 card from my hand. “I call Dancing Magician Tetsuya! I also call One Gauge Demon. Tetsuya and I link attack.” “I Suaki cast Destiny Shield of Holyness.”

A big crash can be heard. ERKKBRGHH!! “Def. Lyric” said the monster. “I attack once more” The attack went through. The sword stabbed through my shoulder. “One Gauge demon attacks!” The demon just slapped me.  “I know gain a gauge because of One Gauge demons ability.” It is my turn but I am on my knees. “AAAAHHH!!” I scream in agony as the blood drips down.

“Suaki are you ok?” Tohka asks very worryingly.  “All I have is this to do. Draw charge and draw. I cast A gift from a destiny Angel.” I gain two gauge. “Again, again, again!” I gain a total of 6 gauge. I try standing up but I just feel. Luckily Tohka caught me. “Tohka will you please support me. “ Tohka smiles and bows her head. “Go I call Destiny Love Angel, Shido! I pay two gauge to call him and I will use his ability. Go I call my buddy, Destiny Angel Kirito! 

Everyone Link attack Kugurumi. The Yami sisters support me by taking Tohka’s place. Yuzuru is holding me up and Kaguya is pulling the bow back. “Yes let everyone attack.” says Kaguya. Kaguya Drew back the arrow that appeared out of thin air. She then let's go and my Monsters began to run. “I shall protect everyone!” Yells Destiny Love Angel ,Shido. 

"Time to release the draw power." Destiny Angel, Kirito yells. “Using Kirito, and Shido’s skill. I first draw one card.” Which I proceeded to do.  “Then Peace and Love activates. I gain 1 life and 1 gauge.” The attack lands and Kugurmi gets shot in the leg, stabbed in the side, and also in the hand.

(life 8-3) “Final Phase.  No More pain No More No more Suffering.” A weird looking sword appears out of nowhere. I held out my hand that has me deck core on it. It then landed in my hand.

“Thank you Yuzuru, Kaguya, Tohka it is time to end this. Yuzuru Thank you for the support but I am done with the support.” “You’re welcome.” “Kaguya hold my bow.” “Wait wh-.” I take a pulled out the sword and then put it back in. Then Kugurumi life became 0. (Life 3-0). “Don’t be foolish yet. Using glory seeker skill. I destroy this card and reveal the top card of my deck. If it is a spell I gain 3 life points.” Kugurumi reveals the top card of his deck.  “Well it is another glory seeker, I guess you win.”

“Yay. Suaki-chan won” said Yuzuru. “My underling finally one” said Kaguya. I see a girl with purple hair running towards me. That girl is Tohka, she is so happy I won. She jumps to hug me. She wrapped around her arms were I got stabbed. “I am so happy you won Suaki.” “Yeah can you…please be gentle?” “Whaaa, Why? But I am so happy to see you happy.” I guess I showed my happiness with a smile.

Though I don’t want to be mean, since I have two hot sisters standing right next to me.  Though this time I have to be mean, my shoulder is in huge pain. “Tohka!” I yelled. She was surprised of my anger, and started to make a sad face. “Tohka please let Suaki be. He did get stabbed, And your right on the wound.” Said Shido. Tohka look and inspected my body, She was right over the wound. She quickly let go and started to apologize. “I am very sorry.” She starts to bow. “No need to bow just be more gentle.

Kugurumi starts to get closer. “Everyone now you know the power of the Dark Core Deck Case. In battle of course. And Tohka sorry for running your birthday party.” “Oh yeah I forgot, sorry Tohka.” “No, no don’t worry we can have it tomorrow.” “Suaki, let’s go to the maid café.” “Really?” “Yes and I will make sure your favorite maid server is your server. “Wait do you mean… I can see Reinbō. Let’s go right now!” “Ok we can Suaki.


     “Wait we are goanna go to a maid café?” Shido said with a questioning face. “Maid café?” Kaguya said with a disgusted face. “Day dreaming. I wonder what it will be like?”


     “Well come on guys, Kugurumi will pay for the meals. Let’s go spir—I mean let’s go everyone!”

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Void of Despair

            It is morning the day after the big fight Kugurumi and I had the BuddyFight. Kugurumi and I, as well has Tohka and the others did go to the maid café. To my displeasing to find that it was closed. My face is on my desk as I am depressed. My face feels weird because I felt like my face was squished and I had lines for my eyes and mouth. It felt like I was a depressed anime character.

            “Why are you so depressed” I hear a sound in my head. My eyes quickly open and my breath softens. “We can give you ultimate strength, if that makes you happy…” says a dragon like voice. “You might question who the human voice is, well… I am Yu we will meet each other soon.” “I will meet you when you walk home, or should I say a new home…” The dragon said.

            Before I could respond to my voices in my head, a purple haired girl was in front of my desk.  That girl of course is Tohka. The girl I detest.

            “Suaki why do you look so depressed?” Though I detest her, I have grown on her. She has a pretty cute face, when she is worried about another. “Leave me alone…” “Suaki~! Please tell me!” I narrow my eyes and just ignore her.

            Two twin red haired girls walked into the classroom to see Shido. The sisters being Kaguya and Yuzuru; The Yami Sisters. Though they see Tohka in trouble, and quickly go over to  help here.  “Tohka my subject what is wrong?” “Yes. Tohka what is wrong?” “It is Suaki. He won’t tell me why he is depressed. I am really getting worried.”

            “So is humanity a useless thing? Is love really a good thing? I know who you like. Those twin haired weirdoes. Why love them? Don’t you want revenge?” The voice of Yu could be heard in my head. “Suaki question. What’s wrong we need to know we want to help you.” “Ha Suaki doesn’t look so sad, he looks more pathetic.” I stand up and I had an urge.

            I wasn’t possessed, more controlled by depression. Yu the evil voice in my head questioned my love for them. I had to make sure that if I fail then maybe humanity would be a curse. “Kaguya my dear, I Suaki must do something.” Kaguya had a puzzled look. She was worried on what I was going to do.

            I slowly walk towards her. I put my hands on her chest and pushed her to the wall. She was only six inches so I didn’t push hard at all. I then but my palm on the wall and my fingers arched slightly. Kaguya’s  face started to blush the brightest red a spirit could do. I don’t stop there, I put my finger on her chin.

            I started to lean closer. Ever so slowly, all of the class mates started to whisper. Our lips where inches away to be touched, until Kaguya hit my stomach. Of course I feel down to my knees and started hugging my stomach. “S-sorry Suaki I don’t like you like that way!” Kaguya said while hiding behind Yuzuru.

            “Suaki are you ok?” “Yes I am.” I stand up and mumbled something to Kaguya. “Thank you for making me realized how pathetic I am.” Kaguya and Yuzuru’s widens their eyes.

            “See what I mean. Love is a curse. You need to throw away your Humanity. It is just useless.” I see his points but I still keep my faith to one day kiss the Yami Sisters.

(At the end of school.)

            Shido Itsukai an average High school student walks up to me. “You seem very depressed. So let’s walk home together, we can also talk at my place.” I don’t know why I am going with him something just says go with him.

            We hare half way to Shido’s house and I feel horrible.  Kaguya and Yuzuru where in front of me and kept their distance. They were talking about me, in a very bad way. Tohka and origami where talking to Shido. Yet I felt my right hand feeling weird.

            “Hello Suaki I have something to tell you. I am the black cursed dragon. My name is H’Haragari. Most call me Black Dragon Emperor.  Some call me Azidis, but you can call me whatever.” “Wait you can talk to me outside my head?” Everyone stopped and looked at me funny. “Suaki who are you talking to?”

            “I stand there frozen in fear. I want to be somewhat normal to them. “Fear not Suaki for I will reveal myself.” A loud dragon like voice came from my right arm. “By the way this will hurt.” My right arm gets taken over. The arm that is possessed is pointing right to the sky.

            My skin melts and rips as my bones began to reshape to the dragon. The pain hurts, mortal pain not emotional. Love… “Boosted Dragon Gauntlet H’Haragari” said a loud dragon. “Suaki the sin that will make you go berserk today is Lust.” Said yu.

            Kaguya and Yuzuru had a sudden urge to kiss Shido. I could tell from their body language. While Azidis was transforming my hand, Kaguya and Yuzuru were close to Shido’s face. The Next thing I know, they kissed.

            At that moment, I got hit with reality. It wasn’t really. I was having an illusion. Everyone was actually staring at my hand, in aww.

            “Isn’t that your arm when you went into juggernaut mode?” Shido sad with a scary face. “No it looks like is core deck case” says Tohka, with an equally scary face.

“Suaki it is me Kirito, we need to go now!” My buddy monster Kirito is very worried about the situation.  Everyone is looking at me with a concerning look. Even the twin sisters are terrified. “How will we be able to escape?” Then I feel different. Something is happening to my body. BUDDY SKILL ON! I hear clings and clanks. I look at my arms, then I see them dark shapes that look likes swords.

            “Just fly, go with the flow just escape.” I just jumped and leaned and then I flew high in the sky.

(3 hours later)

            As I flew in the sky I crashed into someone, someone I shouldn’t have met yet. I heard about him before. His Name is Tasuku, or Boy Wonder.


            Tasuku and I fall down on a neighborhood street. “Ouch I never ran into someone when flying before. Wait What? Kirito Where are you.” “Hey are you ok?” A blue haired boy with a Police uniform on asked me the question.

            “Yes I am doing fine. Although I did it my head real hard. Enough worrying about me, are you ok?” “Oh thank you yes I am doing fine. Can I have your name citizen?” “Yes my name is Hana Suaki.” Tasuku’s made his eyes widen in surpised. “Wait you’re the one who met Kyoya?”

“Tasuku is this buddy monster, his feathers taste horrible?” “Well your scales make you look old!” A green dragon and Kirito my buddy monster start to get into a fight. Not a serious one but a playful one.

“Kirito stop playing!” “No we can only solve this fight through a buddyfight.” “I agree anything to beat this pathetic bird!” we both made a very worry looking face.

“I hope you’re ready to lose Dragon user.” “Let’s see Holy World user.”

"Unite, elite warriors of the future! Radiant Evolution, Luminize!" “A Black Wing, Feel Real Fear by an Angel of Darkness! Dark Luminize! Angel`s Path of Destiny!!” “Where ever there is a buddyfight Paruko will be right there. Today we have a battle against the star dragon world user Tasuku, better known for my boyfriend.” Tasuku makes an annoyed looking face. “We also have…Who are you again?”

I am a nobody and yet her not knowing my names piss me off. “My name is Suaki.” “Anyways let’s buuuuudy FIGHT!!

“Raise the flag!!” we both say. “I fight for Star dragon world; my buddy monster is Jackknife dragon.” “ROAAR” “I fight for Holy World; my buddy monster is Destiny Angel, Kirito.

“Excuse me I will go first, but before that what did you say?” “What do you mean?” “You said dark luminize didn’t you! And what is that deck core case? You have to be a criminal.” Tasuku had a very serious look.  “Well quick judgment can always end horribly wrong?” “Excuse me?” “Your taking to long I will go first, Charge and draw. I equip The Holy Fragment  Damned Sword, Fevafera. To do that I pay 1 life and 1 gauge. (10-9). “Now I attack you with this sword.”

I ran up to Tasuku and my blade swiftly stabs Tasuku. No real damage was dealt because my dark core isn’t making the cards real.  Tasuku life (10-7). It is now Tasuku’s turn.

“Suaki just dealt three damage to Tasuku. Altothoug he did waste 1 life and a gauge for just a weapon. Pretty newbie if you ask me.”

“Draw, charge and draw. I equip Star saber reflection, to do that I pay 1 gauge. When I do that I gain 1 life. (7-8) I call Dragonarms, Vogel to the left. I buddy call by paying 1 gauge, Star Gaurdian Jackknife. To the right area!”

“Whoa Tasuku brought Jackknife out already.  Wait what Suaki The Holy World user does not look fazed. “

“I cast Buddy lights! I gain 2 life and if I have a card with jackknife on the field I gain 1 gauge. (8-10) I put Vogel into the soul of Jackknife. Now Jackknife attack the fighter.” I just stand there and take the attack.  (9-6) “I attack the fighter.” “I cast Destiny Shield of Holyness.” (6-6) “I end my turn.”

I make the biggest evil grin ever. “Draw, charge and draw. I cast Holy Gift, and then when I cast that card I gain 2 gauges. How about another Holy Gift.  I also cast I am pure I swear! Then I get to pay 1 gauge and draw two cards.

            “I call Destiny Love Angel Shido.” I say that name with a big amount of hate. Tasuku and I met eyes as I said the cards name. 2 gauge is lost. I will use his ability and buddy call destiny Angel Kirito from my deck. Battle Phase.!”

“Since Jack has Vogel in the soul he gains move. Now jackknife move. All of us will link attack.”

            “Wow that is a risky play on Suaki part.” “Using my buddy skill, when he links with another destiny monster I draw 1 card. Shido’s skill I gain 1 life and Gauge. Also my weapon and Shido gets the ability to penetrate. (10-5) I end my turn. And now Shido, I hope we can fight again.” “Yes let’s!” Then Shido gets destroyed.


End of Chapter 3

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